Five Power Words To Make Your Kids Confident

As a children grow, it's often their parents who form and shape their self-confidence. As your child learned to walk, you were probably there on the sidelines offering encouragement and comfort when they fell. By way of perseverance, your child learned the skill after many attempts. Children learn resilience through experiences like this –  to keep trying when they've failed. They learn that practice makes perfect, or at least it makes progress!

Having supportive parents teaches kids to keep going and improves a child’s self-esteem and confidence. With confidence, children continue to explore and learn new things despite failed attempts or challenges.

5 Power Words to Increase Kids Confidence

A person’s inner voice is said to be the result of their parents' voice during childhood. If the parent is harsh and critical, the child will develop a harsh and critical inner voice. If a parent is encouraging and supportive, the child will have a positive inner voice that feeds their confidence and self-esteem. Parents shape the future of their children as they are the inspiration for the child’s inner voice.

The best way to feed the inner voice is to offer encouragement and positive words of support. As the child grows, they will develop self-confidence and self-esteem as a result of their parents’ comments throughout their life. Confidence and self-esteem are essential in life and a person will struggle if they do not have confidence in themselves or self-esteem. Phrases and words can boost a child’s self-confidence. There are many phrases that a parent can use to boost their child’s confidence and within 64 positive things to say to kids. Here are 5 power words that encourage the development of self-confidence in your child:


Telling your child that you love them is one of the best ways to boost self-confidence. Telling your child you love them is important throughout their whole life from their days of infancy to adulthood. It tells them that they are worthy of love, they are loveable and they have support from you. Using this word will make them feel good, confident and secure. At times, your child may feel not worthy of love or may experience a period of low self-esteem due to challenges and failures. Letting them know that you love them during that time period will demonstrate to them that your love is unconditional and it will also tell them that they are still lovable despite their failure.


Indicating that your child is strong (emotionally or physically) will boost their self-confidence. They will feel robust and able to accomplish tasks that are difficult to do. They will also feel better about themselves which raises their self-esteem. If a child feels strong, they are more likely to persevere through challenges and continue on the path despite difficulties. Besides, when your child feels strong, they will want to take on new challenges and tasks as they feel that they have the strength to complete the tasks. Telling them they are strong during physical activities such as during their first time kayaking, will boost their self-confidence and encourage them to continue.


Telling your child that they are powerful lets them know that they make a difference in the world. They will gain confidence from knowing that their words impact others as well as their actions. When a child feels powerful, they feel that they are just as important as an adult and their words are taken with the same consideration as someone older than them. When you tell them that their words are powerful, they will learn that their words have great meaning; be it good or bad. Pointing out that they are physically powerful will demonstrate to them that their actions have an impact on others. When a child believes that their words and actions matter, they gain self-confidence which will fuel their fire of development.


While this word has a different meaning in the adult world as it typically describes the attractive qualities of someone’s body, when used with children, it tells them that they are a masterpiece. A child who feels beautiful inside and out will undoubtedly be more confident in themselves while they face new challenges and situations.

Thank You

Telling your child that you appreciate their words or actions will encourage them to do it again in the future. Saying thank you is also part of modeling gratitude in your family, making it easier for your child to know how to express thanks themselves. A child who feels like they make a difference will be more likely to repeat the helpful action in the future or try other ways to be helpful such as helping with groceries or pushing a stroller. When appreciated, a child feels important, loved and subsequently, confident in themselves.

Using these power words will boost your child’s self-confidence and self-esteem. The more self-confidence they have, the more likely they are to seek out challenges. When a child feels confident, they are more likely to get up and try again when they fall. Having confidence also goes hand in hand with self-esteem, which are both essential to learning, growing and maturing. As a child grows, it is their parents’ voice that encourages them to not give up and keep trying. Once a kid has grown up, the voice of their parents becomes their inner voice which hopefully continues to encourage them and inspires them to not give up. As we often face more failures than successes, it is important to have a positive inner voice that encourages us to persevere and this starts with the parent’s voice when the child is young.

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