Big Brother Activity Bags

Prior to having the baby I collected together a number of easy on me (or so I thought) activities to do during this newborn transition time. I gave each  of the boys their Big Brother bag the day after Azalea was born.   Most of the activities have been great- actually the one dud is the one I have a picture of below.

It wasn't a total dud, just more labor intensive for me than I intended.  I got these foam kits thinking they'd be all stickers and good for the boys to just stick together, but no. They required a glue gun or white glue and lots of patience and painstaking fiddling around- not the best choice for small easily frustrated people. Perhaps the manufacturer actually meant it when labeling the boxes “For Ages 6+.”

In case you need some ideas here are some activites that DID work well for my boys (ages 3 and 5)

  • Large washable stamp pads and some new stamps
  • The card game Hiss– not terribly boring for grown ups, and easy for the kids to learn. Soon they can play on their own.
  • A new children's CD for them to listen to
  • Fun read aloud books from the library (I asked the librarian what she likes to read during story time)
  • Some previously unseen DVDs from the library
  • New play-dough

I also gave each of the kids a shirt that I'd embroidered for them, but that's another post all together…