Tooting Balloon Art

Balloon Fart Art?  Tooting, beeping, barking frogs, fluffing (yes, my husband had a friend whose mom actually called it fluffing.) It's all farts and anything that can make fart sounds ranks  at the top of my boys' Awesome List.

This week Leland asked to do balloon prints again, and I remembered that when we did that, blowing up (unpainted) balloons and letting them PPpbbfffft around the room was the most exciting part for him.   I was thinking about those zooming balloons when this idea occurred to me.

What would happen if we put paint on a balloon and let it loose in a box?

Want to experiment yourself?

You'll need:

  • A file box (or anything to let the balloon go in. Bankers boxes are nice because they already have a hole in the side to hold onto the balloon.)
  • Paint– Go for non-toxic in case anyone feels the need to blow up a balloon that already has paint on it (ahem, I wound up with green lips.)
  • Balloons
  • Paper taped in your box. I put my paper on all sides.

Then get to experimenting!


We tried putting paint on before blowing up the balloon and after (it was easier after.)

More paint, less paint (too much paint and the balloon wouldn't move in the box.)

What if you drip paint into the balloon and then let it go?

Can you squeeze paint out of a balloon?  What if you put paint on the paper and let the balloon zip around?

Get ready to have some messy, creative fun! Pffpppptt.