Winter Books for Toddlers – best books for a snuggle on a snowy day

Winter with a toddler can be exhausting for the mom or dad trying to keep up. One of the best ways to fill a  little time on a winter day is to snuggle up with a pile of books. We have a post already about our favorite toddler board books, but here are our top picks for winter books. Most of these you may be able to find at your local library, however some you may love so much that you decide you want to own a copy.

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These are our favorite toddler books about winter:

The Mitten by Jan Brett

An outlandish story with stunning pictures about a lost mitten and an impossible amount of animals who find their way inside of the mitten. Jan Brett never disapoints with her illustrations and this book lends itself to a lot of fun pretend play. Get out a mitten and some toy animals and you can put on your own play version the this story.

Froggy Gets Dressed By Jonathan London

Getting ready to play in the snow can be long process and Froggy seems to be having an even harder time than usual. The use of onomatopoeia and repetition and the familiar theme of getting dressed in this story really appeal to young children. This book is a great choice for helping toddlers learn about the need for extra clothing in the winter. This is another toddler book that's fun to read and then act out. Maybe your toddler has a stuffed animal or doll that needs to get dressed for winter play?

The Itsy Bitsy Snowman by Jeffery Burton

A wintery spin on the itsy bitsy spider, you can read or sing the words. The illustrations are fun and inviting. We enjoy making up our own fingerplay motions or acting out this story.

Cubs First Winter by Rebecca Elliot

Our next book pick is a sweet story that follows a fox cub as he explores the changes he sees around him in during the winter. The illustrations are charming and calming. This can be a great conversation starter for toddlers too. If you read it and then take a toddler walk, you can use the book as jumping off point for talking about the changes you see in your own part of the world during winter.

Skippy Jon Jones Snow What by Judy Schachner

The series of books about Skippy Jon Jones, the cat who thinks he's a chihuahua, are hilarious. This one, Snow What, is no exception. As usual the kittyboy meanders in to his closet full of imaginary realms and finds himself on a wintery quest. This story is on the longer side for toddlers, but I have found the rhymes alliteration and songs woven though out the story are engaging enough to hold their attention. And Skippy Jon Jones books are so memorable, you'll be more likely to want to read them to your toddler too.

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