Discovering Green with Water Play – Preschool Color Activity

Preschool Color Activity – Discovering GREEN!

With a little food coloring, water play becomes a chance to discover color mixing. Being told that blue and yellow makes green is fine, but it's so much more exciting for your child to discover this for themselves!

In order to make an activity like this last, I bring out  interesting things to play with in the water little bits at a time.  In this way the kids can enjoy playing while I get enough time to start making dinner.

Discovering green - food coloring and water play makes a fun preschool color activity

This is what muffin tins are for…

In an attempt to head off a second bath time for the day I asked my boys, “How about playing with some water on the kitchen floor?”  Muffin tins were sitting out still from a recent washing and inspiration struck.

We had a great time with these- first I let the boys put a couple drops of food coloring in some of the tins and then I added water and gave them suction devices.  They didn't need instruction to figure out what to do from there.

“Mama! Blue and yellow makes GREEN!”

Once all the  cups (and the towel and the pants…) were green I added some dishsoap and straws so they could blow bubbles in the muffin tins.

This is similar to the bubble blowing I mentioned in my list of indoor preschool activities, somehow the muffin cups made it even more fun.

When they got bored with bubble blowing I added a marble and tongs.

And in the end it turned out clean up was even fun since it meant pouring green water down the bathtub!

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