Resources for Learning to Use a Kind Voice – Even if You Have to Fake It

We're learning to use a kind voice instead of yelling.

If you'd like to replace your yelling with a kind voice, look through these articles, get inspired and then, go be kind.  Simple and as complex as that – one habit at a time we're learning to find joy and treat ourselves and our children with respect.  You can find all the posts on learning to use a kind voice instead of yelling here.

Using a Kind Voice

Building the habit of using a kind voice instead of yelling:

No More Mama Trash Talking – It's awfully hard to be kind to those around you when you're bashing yourself.  Find 10 phrases here to use to get rid of negative self talk.

They Imitate Kindness – Read the comment that scared me and also pushed me into accepting the kind voice challenge.

You can be kind. They can be angry – 6 Ways I've learned to respectfully and kindly set limits.

Secrets to making a habit of using a kind voice instead of yelling

One easy thing I've done to remind myself of my commitment to using a kind voice, was inspired by this article on using your computer password as a catlyst for changing a life habit.  Here are a few password ideas:

  • Br3athe
  • Sh0wTh3mKindnes
  • Sp3akKindly
  • Ju5tBKind
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