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10 Unusual Competitions We Can’t Stop Watching

Competitions come in all shapes and sizes, from the traditional sports arenas to the downright quirky and unexpected. If you're tired of the same old sports events, we've rounded up a list of unusual competitions that will not only pique your interest but might also have you wondering, “Could I compete in that?”

Cheese Rolling Championship

Contestants running and rolling down the hill chasing the cheese
Image Credit: Dave Farrance, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

Imagine a steep hill, a wheel of cheese, and a group of fearless participants ready to chase it down. Welcome to Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake, an adrenaline-pumping competition where people risk life and limb to catch a runaway wheel of cheese. 

Held annually in Gloucestershire, England, this event combines speed, steep slopes, and a cheesy reward for the victor. Beware of the bumps and bruises – it's all part of the chase!

World Latte Art Championship

selection of latte art
Image Credit: Deposit Photos.

For coffee enthusiasts and art lovers alike, the World Latte Art Championship transforms your morning brew into a work of caffeinated art. Baristas from around the globe skillfully by create intricate designs on the surface of a latte. From hearts and flowers to elaborate portraits, it's a mesmerizing display of creativity served in a cup. 

Dog Surfing Competitions

Surfing Dog shredding a wave.
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Surf's up – and so are the tails! Dog surfing competitions have gained popularity in coastal communities worldwide. Whether big or small, fluffy or sleek, these canine competitors hit the waves with their human companions, showcasing impressive balance and surfing skills. 

Events like the World Dog Surfing Championships celebrate the bond between humans and their four-legged friends while making a splash in the surf scene.

Air Guitar World Championships

man practicing his air guitar skills.
Image Credit: Deposit Photos.

Strap in, or rather don't, for the Air Guitar World Championships, where contestants unleash their inner rock gods without a single string attached. Held annually in Oulu, Finland, participants bring their imaginary guitars to life, with elaborate routines and wild solos. The competition celebrates the pure joy of performance, proving that sometimes the air can be just as electrifying as a real guitar.

Extreme Ironing

Man ironing shirt on top of cliff structure.
Image Credit: Theredrocket at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

For those who find household chores lacking excitement, there's Extreme Ironing. This unconventional sport combines the mundane task of ironing with extreme locations such as mountaintops, forests, and even underwater. 

Competitors strive to iron their garments flawlessly while navigating challenging environments. It's a bizarre yet oddly captivating fusion of domesticity and adventure.

Red Bull Soapbox Race

Red Bull soap box competition with unique carts ready to race.
Image Credit: Romina Amato / Red Bull Content Pool.

Gravity becomes the driving force in the Red Bull Soapbox Race, a downhill competition where teams design and build their own non-motorized vehicles. The quirky, gravity-fueled race has participants hurtling down slopes, navigating obstacles, and showcasing their creativity in car design. It's a spectacle of speed and engineering ingenuity, with a touch of humor thrown in for good measure.

Pumpkin Carving Contest

Man carving pumpkin jack o lantern.
Image Credit: Deposit Photos.

Pumpkin carving contestants wield their knives and creativity to turn ordinary gourds into artistic marvels. Held in various locations, participants use their carving skills to create eerie jack-o'-lanterns and unique gourd art.

Chess Boxing: Where Brains and Brawn Collide

Chess boxing taking place in Berlin.
Image Credit: WCBO, CC BY 3.0 DE, via Wikimedia Commons.

Chess boxing is a hybrid sport with a unique combination of strategy and physical prowess. Participants alternate between rounds of chess and boxing, testing both their mental acuity and physical endurance. 

Originating in Berlin, this unusual competition requires competitors to be not only grandmasters of the chessboard but also capable fighters in the boxing ring.

Rock, Paper, Scissors Championships

people competing in paper rock scissors competition.
Image Credit: Deposit Photos.

While rock, paper, scissors may be a childhood game, it has taken on a competitive edge in the form of organized championships. Participants engage in strategic battles of wits, attempting to outsmart their opponents with unpredictable hand gestures. 

The World Rock Paper Scissors Championships proves that even the most basic competitions can become intense showdowns.

Cake Baking Competition

competitor and judges from the Great Baking competition show.
Image Credit: British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

Cake baking competition contestants don aprons and transform basic ingredients into edible masterpieces, captivating both judges and spectators alike. 

The Great British Baking Show, a well-known example, challenges bakers to elevate the humble cake into a dazzling display of artistry. Participants sculpt intricate patterns and lifelike flowers on their cakes, turning their creations into delicious works of art. While taste is paramount, these competitions celebrate innovation, with bakers experimenting with unexpected flavor combinations and incorporating cutting-edge culinary techniques. 

Judging becomes a delicate balance between the visual appeal of the cakes and their delectable taste, reminding everyone that even in imperfections, there lies a charming part of the baking process.

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