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These Minor Activities May Be Silently Stealing Precious Moments From Your Day

Are you struggling with everyday tasks that take up too much time? These mundane tasks can unnecessarily take up far too much time. Take a look at the time cost associated with each of these tasks and try our minimalist solutions to help regain that lost time.

Endless Email Checking

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We spend an exorbitant amount of time checking our email throughout the day. Studies on email usage show the average person spends a minimum of two hours per day on email alone.

The solution lies in setting specific times for email checks, implementing filters for better categorization, and ruthlessly unsubscribing from non-essential newsletters.

Daily Commute

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The daily commute can be time-consuming. One study showed that commuting costs an average of 56 minutes per day. 

Consider alternatives such as working remotely, carpooling, or using public transportation. Listening to podcasts or audiobooks is another way you can transform this seemingly wasted time.

Social Media Scrolling

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Mindlessly scrolling through social media accounts can consume two to five hours daily. Regain control by setting daily time limits, using productivity apps to block social media during work hours, or scheduling dedicated time for social media interaction.

In Android devices, the Digital Wellbeing tools can help you get a grasp on how much time you spend on various apps, as well as setting time limits if you like. In iPhones, you can find these features in the Screen Time settings.

Excessive Meetings

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Meetings can be a significant drain on productivity, accounting for approximately three hours per day.

Opt for shorter, focused meetings, explore alternatives like email updates or collaborative project management tools, and don't hesitate to decline unnecessary meetings.

Unorganized Workspace

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An unorganized workspace can cost you about one hour per day. Declutter and organize your workspace, adopting a minimalist approach to create an environment that fosters focus. Keep frequently used items within arm's reach to improve efficiency.

Lost Keys or Items

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Losing essential items like keys can cost you around 10 minutes per day. Combat this by designating specific places for crucial items and cultivating a habit of returning them to their assigned spots.

We have a dedicated space for keys, wallets, and sunglasses near the front door, along with shoes and jackets. This saves an equal amount of time as frustration. We also recently added a few key locators to our keyrings. The simple peace of mind it provides makes it worth it.


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Procrastination is a time thief with varying but significant time costs. Break tasks into smaller, manageable steps, utilize techniques like the Pomodoro Technique, and establish a reward system for completing tasks promptly.

Unplanned Grocery Shopping

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While some people may be fortunate enough to have a local market nearby, for most of us, an unplanned trip to the grocery store takes approximately two hours per week. 

Along with wasting time, this can also result in unexpected expenses. To avoid this, you can create a shopping list and stick to it. You can also consider online grocery shopping or subscription services to streamline the process.


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Multitasking is often promoted as an effective time management strategy, but it is a fallacy. Studies have proven that our brains are not designed to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. The act of multitasking is essentially task-switching, which can decrease productivity by up to 40%

This constant switching between tasks can reduce focus and efficiency and increase stress and the possibility of errors. Therefore, it is better to focus on one task at a time, prioritize efficiently, and delegate when possible to boost overall productivity.

Cluttered Digital Desktop

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Maintaining a cluttered digital desktop can cost you about 20 minutes per day. Organize digital files into folders, delete unnecessary items, and strive to maintain a clean desktop for quick access.


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Indecisiveness, while difficult to quantify, can potentially lead to significant time loss. Embrace minimalism in decision-making by simplifying choices, setting clear goals, and trusting your instincts.

Manual Data Entry

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Manual data entry can consume up to 15 hours per month. Automate this task with tools and software to reduce errors and free up valuable time for more critical responsibilities.

Unproductive TV Watching

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Watching TV unproductively can take up over 3 hours per day. Set specific time limits, plan your TV time, and consider replacing some TV hours with more productive activities.

Failure to Delegate

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Failure to delegate tasks can potentially result in significant time loss. Delegate responsibilities that others can handle, freeing up your time for more critical tasks and fostering a more efficient workflow.

By adopting a minimalist mindset and implementing these solutions, you can reclaim lost time and create a more intentional and purposeful life. Embrace simplicity, streamline your routine, and watch as your productivity soars.

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