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Top 10 Beloved Toddler Board Books

Top 10 Beloved Board BooksThese are the book we love to pieces – literally, these books that are falling apart by now because we've read them so many times.

Does your family have little, “book jokes?”  You know, where everybody knows that one line and you all say it the same way? Or do you have some stories that you can recite in the car to soothe the baby because they're so familiar?

For our family, when it comes to toddler board books, these are those books.

A couple of these were ones we received as gifts, which I always think is a very sweet baby shower present – what a great way to start a family on a childhood filled with snuggles and stories.

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Beloved Toddler Board Books

Beep! Beep!  Sheep in a JeepSo much fun to read with cute pictures to boot.  If you haven't yet, you must meet the sheep of Margot Apple and Nancy Shaw.
The Very Hungry Caterpillar was one that we would say aloud in the car to help my oldest son stay happy on long car rides.When we read it, on the last page the whole family says “A BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLY” and we flap the book like butterfly wings.
Ahh, melt my heart.  I think Mama Mama/Papa Papa is a wonderful board book to give any new mom; it's so loving with pretty animal pictures.
Goodnight Moon is another great gift book.  I actually received two of these when my oldest was born, but that was a good thing because one got teethed on until it was ruined.  The other is still read to our youngest child at bedtime. One family I know does bedtime by saying goodnight to things in the bedroom just like this story.
Touchy-Feely Books are a must for toddlers. The Usborne board books, in particular, I find to be very high quality.
The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear -This book can inspire you to read dramatically.  Don and Audrey Wood write books that are fun to read aloud with whimsical illustrations that spark your imagination.We love King Bidgood's in the Bathtub too, but it's not a board book 😉
Some books are special just because of how somebody reads them.  that's the case with Curious George's ABCs.  I think what's made the book special is the way my husband reads it.  He has silly little ways he says each letter, like, “two clamping claws!” with chomping hands to match.
We live in the Southwest and I tend to fall for books that feature coyotes and lizards.  I Howl, I Growl is a fun one to read.  Currently my seven year old like to read it to my toddler and they all laugh about the skunk at the end.
 Babybug – Not actually a book, rather a sturdy magazine for toddlers.  All of my kids have loved the simple stories about “Kim and Carrots” nursery rhymes, poems and beautiful illustrations.As kids get older they can subscribe to Ladybug, Click or Cricket – all high quality literature magazines for kids.
Top 10 Toddler Books Ok – 10 is for you. I want to know what books your family loves!  Which toddler board book can you imagine pulling out years from now to read to a grandchild?

I know your family probably has some beloved books as well.  I'd love to check out your recommendations.  Add to my list of great toddler books by leaving a comment!

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