Activity Cupboard – Easy Things to do with Toddlers

Toddler Activity StationA Toddler Activity Cupboard is filled with items that lead to busy, happy toddlers.

I love the idea of Toddler Busy Bags – and in fact I've used them with great success, but there is the problem of taking the time to put them all together.  Somehow the “set up” of busy bags becomes a big obstacle in my mind and I never get around to creating fresh ones.

What's working for me instead is this Toddler Activity Cupboard in my homeschool room.  This way I have the convenience of easy to pull out activities and the flexibility to use the supplies many different ways.

The cupboard is similar to having a stock of busy bags on hand because all of these exciting items are gathered in the same spot, ready to go.

What's in our activity cupboard?

  • A clear plastic bottle filled with rice and trinkets.  The lid is glued on with super glue.
  • Spice jar with toothpicks inside (or use coffee straw, or broken noodles)
  • Pom Poms
  • Recycle Bin Items – Foam Tray and Egg Carton
  • Empty wipes container – the kind with the soft flexible wipes opening.
  • Scoops
  • Tongs
  • Sieve
  • Funnel

These simple supplies can be combined to make all sorts of engaging and entertaining things to do with toddlers. Sometimes just putting out a selection of  items will spark toddler explorations.

If you're stuck, Remember these four words and you'll always have something to do with a toddler.

Note- with my daughter I am comfortable supervising her as she plays with toothpicks, and beads or other small items.  You know your child best and need to adjust your activities to your comfort level!

I hope you take this list for inspiration and add your own to make an Anytime Toddler Activity Cupboard that works for you.

What would you add to this toddler activity center?  Are there everyday-items that you find yourself pulling out for your toddler again and again?