Tips for Getting Housework Done With a Toddler

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Getting chores done with a toddler

Struggling with how to get chores done with a toddler

Hi,  What I'm struggle with some days (busy days) is prioritizing taking time to play/teach interactively with my toddler.  I have only one, I juggle two part-time jobs, partly at home, combined with the daily chores of running a home, I feel guilty sometimes that my daughter does get enough focused, enriching me-time.

I would love to hear some ways to incorporate getting work done with a toddler, but also focusing on and enriching her life/learning at the same time.

Tips for getting Work Done with a Toddler Around From Alissa:

As a working mom I really struggle to juggle it all.

  • I practice including my kids in household tasks as much as possible, asking for help from outside sources and reminding myself that by working I am providing for my family and that I should feel good about that.
  • I think that the main thing I would say though, is to remember how much toddlers love simple activities for connection.
  • Never discount how enriching it is for your toddler to do chores with you and to be included in things like grocery shopping, putting clothes in the laundry basket, whatever.  They don't see the everyday experiences the way we do – it's all new to them and it doesn't have to look “educational” to be enriching.

They really want to be noticed by YOU and to be helpful or “big” in any way possible.

Getting chores done with a toddler

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