Drawing of younger inner child self and self now.

Three Journal Prompts for Reclaiming a Sense of Self

One of my biggest fears is being seen for who I am. It is also my biggest desire.

If the way you've kept safe is to suppress your own needs and do what it takes to make those around you comfortable to try and keep them from getting angry, it makes a lot of sense. Covering who YOU are in order to prevent THEM from being scary is a solid strategy. However, it is also soul destroying.

Learning to take up space in the world has been extremely healing. Discovering my own wants, needs, and anger has been instrumental to reclaiming a sense of self and drawing people to me who love and support me just as I am.

And that's what I want for you – to be seen and loved for who you are. Today, to nurture that, I bring you a few journal prompts that let you explore and support who you are.

Three Journal Prompts for Reclaiming a Sense of Self

Draw or write about these prompts. Remember there's no need to be perfect in your journal, no need to show your journal to anybody, and you can even write in it and then tear out pages and throw them away if you like. Your journal is yours.

1. What Brings Your Joy?

One way to deepen your connection with yourself and really affirm who you are is to get in touch with what brings you joy. Can you list 10 things that bring you joy? This is also a fun drawing prompt. No need to draw perfectly; just try doodling your answers.

2. Draw Your Monster

Do you have a repeating voice or narrative in your head that makes you feel afraid of expressing yourself? This might be your inner critic, your sense of doom, or something someone told you that you just can't shake loose.

It can be helpful to draw these “monsters.” It may help you be more aware when they come up. And when you put them out on paper, you may discover things you'd like to say back to them.

3. What Does ‘Little You' Need to Hear?

One way we can build up our sense of inner congruency is to allow our more grown-up selves to take care of the younger parts of us. You may have certain parts of you that still feel like little kids.

What does that younger part of you need to hear? Try drawing or journaling the comfort, wisdom, or reassuring words for that younger you.

Author: Alissa Zorn

Title: Trauma-Informed Coach

Expertise: childhood emotional neglect, perfectionism, parenting, journaling, comics, doodling, coaching

Alissa Zorn is the founder of OverthoughtThis.com. She's a trauma-informed coach and cartoonist passionate about helping people overcome perfectionism and shame to build authentic, joyful lives. Alissa has been featured on the Good Men Project, Wealth of Geeks, Motherly, MSN.com and more.