DIY Glowing Trick or Treat Buckets

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Duck tape Trick or Treat Basket

These fun DIY Treat Buckets were made with plastic pumpkin buckets and Duck Tape® – did you know they make GLOWING Duck Tape® now?!
DIY Duck Tape Trick or Treat BucketYou'll Need:

  • Duck Tape® in Halloween Colors
  • Plastic Trick or Treat Pails
  • Scissors – I found that small sharp scissor worked best for cutting this sticky tape.

DIY Duck Tape Trick or Treat Bucket

Making the Treat Pails

The kids and I worked together on these pails.  We made a “mummy” by basically wrapping a plastic pumpkin in strips of glow Duck Tape®.  We made the striped pumpkin by choosing fun Halloween patterns to stripe down the sides and then applying a glowing face on top.  For my toddler I cut a bunch of little strips and let her apply them as she liked – I think it came out looking a little like a pirate.


  • Cutting the tape can be difficult – basic shapes like triangles and squares are easiest.
  • To get the  Jack-o-lantern shape for the mouth we gently stuck the Glow Duck Tape® in place and traced the mouth with a pencil.  We cut out the shape and stuck it in place after we had already stuck down the decorative strips.
  • My toddler enjoyed decorating her own bucket – I ripped off small strips for her and stuck them on the edge of the table so she could grab them herself. Beware of the finish if you do this – it was OK on our table, but would certainly ruin some. We also used the left over glowing bits to stick on her treat bucket.
  • We covered the handles by placing tape over the tops and folding under the sides so no sticky spots remained.

Duck Tape DIY Treat Buckets

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