What sport should my child play? Choosing The Right Sport For Your Child – Infographic

Bounceback Parenting supports helping families find ways to enjoy active play because of the benefits of staying active. Everything from better sleep to a clearer mind can be found from physical activity. As my grandmother used to say, “You've got to move the body!” With that in mind I share this infographic to help you choose a sport for your child.

Choosing the Right Sport for Your Child

If there’s one word that can be used to describe any child, it’s “potential.” Kids are bundles of raw potential. Finding the right outlet for your children, or helping them find it, can influence who they become and help shape the rest of their lives.

An obvious example of that potential is the near-limitless physical energy kids usually exert all day. Active kids are happy kids and sports are a physical activity that can give direction to that energy as well as help build positive character traits like resilience and teamwork. With the right combination of encouragement and enthusiasm, your kids can channel their boundless energy into a lifelong love of a sport that can add to their mental and physical health.

That love of sports can give children something they’ll enjoy doing for most of their lives — possibly giving them an opportunity to excel at the highest levels of competition. Yet for kids to become champions or even just lifelong enthusiasts, they have to begin by choosing the right sport. A child’s natural excitement for sports can be crushed quickly if he or she chooses to participate in a sport that isn’t suited for him or her.

You may want your daughter to experience the same fun you had playing with your friends on the basketball court, but she may prefer the individual focus of karate or gymnastics. Choosing the right sport for your kids may make a difference in whether or not they stick with it for other reasons, as well.

For example, your kids may love hockey, but if your family’s budget can’t keep up with the equipment costs, it’s likely your children won’t be able to stay on the ice. You also want to make sure that the sport your children choose gives them the best chance to succeed and continues to challenge them. For example, if your son is stronger than he is swift on his feet, he might have a better time participating in wrestling or football than cross-country or track.

All parents want to help their kids reach their fullest potential. That means helping to guide them toward making the best decisions as to where they want to direct that potential. Choosing the right sport for your kids can mean the difference between finding their passion and staying rooted to the couch. Consult the following guide for some tips about how you can help your kids choose the sport that’s right for them.