Mom holds up a baby she is kissing baby's cheek. Both are wearing yellow shirts and look giggly and happy

Pure Delight: 22 Baby Bliss Moments That Foster Unshakeable Bonds

Come into a world of smiles and snuggles! These 22 baby bliss moments go beyond cuteness. These are simple joys that build enduring connections. So much of the love your baby feels comes from little moments you share together in your day-to-day life.

When you slow down, and make the effort to look out at the world from their brand new perspective, you gain empathy and wonder. That moment when you make eye contact with your baby and see them looking back in delight, in that instant, your connection is strengthened.

Interactive Play That Babies Love:

  • Making eye contact and smiling
  • Being read to
  • Being sung to
  • Hand rhymes like Itsy Bitsy Spider
  • Being bounced or rocked
  • Showing them you can copy their hand movements
  • Silly sounds – copying their sounds
  • Repetition…of just about anything
  • Kisses, snuggles and “blowing raspberries”
  • Pointing out ceiling fans and other wonders of the world
  • Peek-a-boo
  • Playing this Little Piggy
  • Making toys disappear and reappear
  • Looking in a mirror together
  • Rattles, bells and crinkly toys
  • Being “flown” around – baby Super Man
  • Showing baby family pictures
  • Dancing together
  • Swishing hands in the sink
  • Taking on and off glasses or hats
  • Touching different textures – fuzzy blankets, rough rocks, bumpy oranges…
  • And of course, making faces
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Image Credit: Alissa Zorn

These are not situations that you need to spend a good deal of time setting up and planning for – just ways to enjoy the opportunities that come naturally during your day for playing with your baby.

From the sweet looks you exchange while nursing to the babbled conversations about your day, you're building up your baby's sense of safety and love. We all have our silly and endearing baby games we play – which are the ones you'll remember when you have grandkids?