10 Songs for a Kitchen Dance Party – Parenting Secret Mission

Case File: Connection

Impromptu Dance Party - yes

Your Parenting Secret Mission:

Hold an impromptu Kitchen Dance Party.

Of course, sock feet (for good sliding and spinning) and silly moves are encouraged!

In our house, one of my personal rules is: If a kid asks me to dance, the answer is always yes. So far, I have never regretted following this rule.

10 Great songs for an impromptu kitchen dance: 

I know, there are hundreds more I could include!  What song makes the top of your kitchen dance party list?

Kitchen Dance parties make the list of Must Do Activities for 4-6 Year Olds…though I think they're must do for any age.  Never stop dancing.

Parenting Secret Missions are quick ideas for connecting with your kids, trying out a new parenting idea, finding gratitude amidst chaos, sparking conversation and finally, inspiring fun!  Don’t take them too seriously, read them with a spirit of adventure or experimenting and keep the mission in mind for the day if it strikes you.