Scrappy Snowman Cards

Snowman Thank You Cards Made From Fabric Scraps

I had a lot of fun making thank you cards after Christmas this year.  I have to admit, it was partly fun because it was just ME creating these and it can be nice to have some artsy time to yourself, however they would be a fun activity to do with your kids too.

Fabric Scrap Snowman Cards With Supplies

Just know that the photos of cards in this post are made by a grown up, and allow for your kids' cards to have a lots of variation.  A toddler might be happy just to stick any random bits of fabric onto paper, while your 8 year old might get much more detailed.
Fabric Scrap Snowman Cards How To Image

I got the idea for these from the NurtureStore.  She has a great post about making similar cards with kids.  See her tutorial HERE.

Fabric Scrap Snowman Cards (2)

I changed it up a little by using cut out circles of cotton batting for the snowmen and digging into my bin of fabric scraps for embellishments.  I have a large basket of felted sweaters that I thought these snow people might like to wear…

Tips for making these cards with kids:

  • Have your supplies ready – cut out circles, fold cards and get out pens and glue before hand.
  • Get out a pen for each participant, and possibly glue for each person too so people don't get impatient waiting for these key ingredients.
  • For younger kids, if you wish you could glue on the snow man bodies and then pass them along for the kids to decorate as they like, or you can simply let go of your idea of the way a snow man should look.  They will watch you making a card and imitate in their own fashion – just doing something with the same art supplies as you are using is a joyful experience.

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