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Rainbow Baby Names with Vibrant Meaning

The term ‘rainbow baby' holds special significance. It refers to a child born after the loss of a previous pregnancy or child and stems from the Shannon L. Adler quote, “After every storm, there is a rainbow.” It was coined by the baby loss community, symbolizing hope and renewal after a storm.

There is naturally a complex mix of emotions around rainbow babies. Some parents may decide to choose a rainbow name to honor their new baby's connection to the lost sibling and celebrate the joy and new beginnings of their life. A rainbow name is about embracing their unique journey and infusing their identity with positivity, resilience, and a reminder of the beauty that follows adversity. 

If you’re searching for a baby name that means something beautiful or are simply drawn to the symbolism of rainbows, we hope you'll enjoy looking through this curated selection of rainbow-inspired names. These names often carry meanings of light, colors, or renewal, reflecting the hope and happiness that accompany the arrival of a rainbow baby.

Amal – Pronunciation: ah-MAAL or eh-MEHL

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Amal has meanings of hope, optimism, and aspirations – ideas we often associate with rainbows. This name has Arabic origins and can be used for girls or boys.

Amitola – Pronunciation: ey-MEET-ohl-lah

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This feminine name hails from the Indigenous American culture of the Dakota people and means “rainbow” in Dakota.

Enfys – Pronunciation: EN-viss

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Originating from Welsh, this name means “rainbow.” It first gained popularity in the 19th century. You may have heard it more recently in Solo: A Star Wars Story. In that movie, Enfys Nest is a ferocious warrior and the mysterious leader of the Cloud-Riders swoop gang.


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This beautiful Spanish name is another name that relates to rainbows because it means ‘hope.'

Hong – Pronunciation: KHUWNG 

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In Chinese, the name Hong has multiple meanings, including “rainbow,” “enlarge, expand, great,” or “wild swan, great, vast.” This unisex name comes across as strong, simple, and serious.

Irida – Pronunciation: eye-RID-uh

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This Greek name is a lovely variant of the popular name Iris. Meaning “rainbow,” Irida evokes a sense of wonder, grace, and the kaleidoscope of colors found in nature.

Iridian – Pronunciation: eye-RID-ee-an

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Drawing its roots from Greek, Iridian means “related to the iris or rainbow.” With its rare and unique quality, this name will make your child stand out with its ethereal beauty.


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This timeless name has its origins in Greek mythology. In Greek, Iris represents the “rainbow” and is also associated with the goddess of the rainbow and messenger to the gods. After declining in popularity for a time during the ‘70s and ‘80s, this name started rapidly gaining popularity again in 2010.

Ixchel – Pronunciation: eesh-CHEHL

Ancient painting of ixcheel
Image: By unknown Maya artist – Museum of Fine Arts Boston MA 1988.1282, Public Domain


With its roots in Mayan mythology, Ixchel means “rainbow lady” in Classic Maya. Ixchel was a revered Maya goddess associated with the earth, medicine, jaguars, and childbirth. Naming your child Ixchel pays homage to ancient traditions and symbolizes the power of femininity.

Jalus – Pronunciation jah-LOO

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The masculine name means rainbow in Tibetan.

Keshet – Pronunciation: KESH-et

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With a strong Hebrew origin, Keshet is a name that reflects the beauty and diversity of the rainbow.


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Of course, we can’t leave the name ‘Rainbow’ off this list. Rainbow embodies vivid colors and the joy of beauty after a storm. This name exudes positivity. It also brings up nostalgia for Rainbow Brite!

Relmu – Pronunciation: REHL-moo (Mapudungun), rehl-MOO (Spanish)

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This rare name from Mapuche culture, Relmu, captures the essence of a rainbow's beauty, whether you pronounce it in Mapudungun or Spanish.

Sairung – Pronunciation: sie-ROONG

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Sairung, meaning “rainbow” in Thai, is a name that sounds as lovely as it means. It brings a touch of Thai charm and nature's beauty to your child's identity.

Solongo – Pronunciation: soh-LON-go

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Solongo offers a glimpse into Mongolian culture and the splendid colors of the rainbow. It's a name that carries both history and vibrancy.

Vaiva – Pronunciation: vie-va

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Associated with the Lithuanian goddess of the planet Mercury, Vaiva connects to both mythology and nature. Its unique sound and meaning make it a special choice.

Viavora – Pronunciation: vee-a-VOR-a

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This variation of Vaiva offers a twist to the name, celebrating the Lithuanian connection to rainbows. They both convey a sense of enchantment and cultural richness.

Ziazan – Pronunciation: ZEE-a-zan

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Ziazan, derived from the Armenian word for rainbow, celebrates the colors and culture of Armenia. In recent times, you can find the name Ziazan in the world of music. Ziazan is a renowned operatic musician known for her beautiful voice and diverse musical career.

These rainbow names can be a shimmer of light after a storm and a reminder of the beauty of nature. Whether your baby is destined to shine on the world stage or bring joy to those around them, a rainbow name is a perfect choice.

Baby Names Inspired by Nature

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Nature offers a wide range of name inspiration beyond rainbows, of course. River, Cedar, and Sage, to name a few. Would you choose a nature name for your child? 

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