Printable Kids Sensory Activities List

A handy printable list of Sensory Activities for Kids

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This winter I made a few posts about sensory activities for preschoolers. They were about Fun in the Kitchen, Preschool Activities- Quick and another one about Indoor Bounce Toys. The only problem is that when I needed them right away they were on the computer and not at hand.  With that in mind I've created a two sided printable list of sensory activities for preschoolers.  Most of these will work with elementary aged kids as well.

Printable Sensory Activity List

Printable Sensory Activity List Click the image to go to a printable list of easy sensory activities

The list is two pages; the idea being that you can print it out two sided and just have one sheet with all the information if you like. The first page is quick activities for kids.  The second page is activities involving foods and it also has a place on the bottom for you to write your own notes and ideas.  I found many ideas for this list in The Out-of-Sync Child Has Fun.

Why do sensory activities?

I find that these quick activities are usually centering, engaging and fun for my kids.  When they're rattling around the house with nothing better to do than bug each other and I'm losing my patience, it's the perfect time to grab this list and choose an activity to do.

Sensory activities tend to be satisfying to young children because they help the brain integrate with the world.  Some kids actually need a bit more help with sensory integration-  I learned about sensory needs because my second child went through the Early Intervention Program and we worked with an occupational therapist on sensory integration until he was three. If you are wondering more about this you can find loads of useful information as well as a symptoms checklist at:

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