Printable Images of Fall Activities

This collage of nine images can be used to illustrate many different Fall Activities. It is sized to fit on a standard 8.5×11 piece of paper so you can download it, print it and cut it out however you like (trim the edges to make leaf shapes?).

Fall Activities Images
Just click on the image to go to a page to download and print (right click and then click “save as”).

The Fall pictures I've included are:

  • Fall leaves
  • Apples in a basket
  • Pumpkins
  • A bon fire
  • A jack-o-lantern
  • A picture of shovel and gardening trowel to represent harvesting the garden
  • Baking implements
  • A picture of a nicely set table to represent a celebration dinner
  • A picture of scissors and pencil to represent going back to school

Here are some ideas for using your pictures of Fall/Autumn things:

  • Make a Fall Activity Tree to plan out some fun with your kids.
  • You could print it twice and make a Fall memory match game. You can print on card stock or laminate to make the cards a bit sturdier.
  • You can print these out and then cut the image up (not on the straight lines) to make them into a simple Fall puzzle.
  • You can use these pictures as Autumn story prompts – print out the pictures of Fall things, then cut them apart. The person telling the story can drawn an image or a selection of images to get their story going. What's going on in the picture? Is it the setting for the action? Another way to play the story telling game is to give one or two pictures to each person playing, then go around telling a story piece by piece and they have to include something from their fall images in their part of the story.

All photos for the printable Fall activities images are courtesy of stock.xchng free stock photo site.