Pipe Cleaner Bead Hearts

Currently my preschooler is in to beads, beads, beads.  Anything fine motor, actually is capturing her interest and I have been looking for ways to support the fine motor exploration (besides cutting her own hair, her other recent obsession…)

We enjoyed making ourselves this hanging heart art from pipe cleaners and beads – I love it when we can work together to make something to decorate our space.

Pipecleaner bead hearts - preschooler project

You will need:

  • Pony Beads
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Fishing line or string for hanging.

Pipecleaners and beads - fuzzy cloth to keep beads still



Fuzzy Fabric Bead Tray

When we work with beads we like to take out a tray or a cookie sheet and line it with a piece of fuzzy fabric.  We keep these rectangular pieces of fleece in the bead bin just for this purpose.  It makes the beads less likely to bounce away and helps with clean up – just grab the fabric corners and you can swoop the beads into the center and dump them back in your bead bin.


Making Your Bead Hearts

Sting your beads onto your pipe cleaners. I worked next to my preschooler doing this – crafting together in companionable beading happiness.

Bend your covered pipe cleaners into a heart – probably a parent job, depending on your child's dexterity.

bend bead covered pipe cleaner into a heart use fishing line to hang bead hearts


Use fishing line or string to put a loop on your heart for hanging.

I hung a loop on each heart and then to hang them together I put the hanging loop through another heart and pushed the heart through its own hanging loop – see picture below to explain!
looping bead hearts together to make hanging art


Each heart has its own hanging loop and I just used those to connect them – by hanging the hearts off each other from different places on each heart you can get them to hang ‘just so'.  You'll have to experiment with your own batch of bead hearts!

Decorate the house with your new lovely hearts!  Do you need a tree hung with heart ornaments maybe?

Our room needed something bright in this corner 🙂
Pipe cleaner bead heart hanging

This was beading fun for my preschooler and then the gave her the joy of seeing her work  right alongside mama's displayed to brighten up our home.