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Pass the Drawings


OK, Pass the drawings to the next person!

Here's a quick art game that works with varied ages.   Get out your coloring supplies, paper  and a timer and give it a try.

Drawing GameQuick, draw!

  • Give each person a piece of paper
  • I gave us each a particular color for the fun of being able to see who drew what.
  • Set the timer (we tried 30 seconds at first, but one minute was better)
  • Draw!
  • Pass the pages once the timer dings.

James (6) and I could have done this for a longer time, Leland (3) had fun for a three rounds and then was done.  I'm so curious to do some more of this type of art with my kids.  Collaborative play-doh pieces?  Pass along painting?  Ooh- what about starting out with a printed grid or hexagons? I wonder what my kids would think of that…

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