Parenting Reminder for the Hardest Days – Printable

When I published Parenting from the Dark Pit it was met with support and caring.  I feel incredibly grateful for the community of readers who are so kind. One of the responses to that post about the hardest days of parenting was a list of what one mom needs to remember when she is in the dark pit, and I loved it and told her I wanted to print it out.

She has been kind enough to allow me to share, and I've created a printable for you.

You can download a printable version of this list here.

Parenting Reminder for hard days

To Rememer on the Darkest Parenting Days

Lou M. “I have learnt so much over the last 18 months from my two adopted boys. 
My eldest boy is 8 with the emotional age of a 4 year old, he tries to be so mature at school, so regularly loses it at home. He also struggles with attachment.

1) I can't be perfect 
2) It doesn't matter I'm not perfect
3) Acknowledging you child's feelings and your own allows you to connect with them
4) Down time for everyone is so important.
5) Start each day as a new day
6) Talk to someone

I need to print it out too, because when I'm in my pit I always forget it! Knowing that others feel the same as me has made me realise I'm not alone. Up to your blog post I honestly thought I felt like I was because my boys are not mine biological. It has been a weight off my shoulders knowing that biological Mums feel the same too. Thank you xx”

 It does not matter that you are not perfect.  You are so loved.