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Parenting and Anger Series

Parenting and Anger - series of posts on angry kids and angry parentsWhat started as one post about parenting an angry child has unfolded into a series about parenting and anger.  I could split these into two groups – about anger in our children and anger in ourselves, but I feel like they go so closely hand in hand that they really are part of the same series.

Though I started by talking about my experiences in parenting a very intense child, the emotions of anger and confusion that I've dealt with on this journey are common to so many of us, regardless of our children's temperaments; I know for me that anger certainly doesn't flare up only with my intense child.

When I became a parent, I learned I could get angry. very angry.  It has been frightening, humbling and hugely educational to grapple with this emotion.  Let's keep talking and learning together about how to deal with anger in a healthy way.

Here are the posts so far.  I'll come back and update this list as more posts on this topic come out.

People have asked me to keep writing about this topic.  I know I will be publishing a resource post which collects together all of the book, blog and class recommendations in one spot.  What other questions do you have? What else do you want to know? What do you wonder about?

Please leave your comments about what else you'd like to see in this series, or if you would feel more comfortable, you may Email Me your questions.

So glad to have you here, thanks for reading and allowing me to share my story!