Stuufed alien sits on a teens bedside table next to an alarm clock with a glowing pink and blue face.

We Tested – Best Alarm Clocks for Teens and Tweens

As a mom to three teens who struggle to get up and get going, I have a lot of experience with alarm clocks for tweens and teens. We've tested many to find the best alarm clock for teens. I hope you can benefit from our trials and find the alarm clock that gets your sleepy head out of bed.

Of course, some kids use cell phones or tablets as an alarm. However, this makes it tempting to stay up watching videos, scrolling social media, and chatting with their friends before going to sleep. One easy solution to getting the electronics out of the bedroom is getting an awesome alarm clock for your teen.

Our Favorite Alarm Clocks for Teens and Tweens:

sony radio alarm clock

Alarm for Kids to Teens-
Super Simple

Sony Radio Alarm Clock

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Alarm clocks can help teens learn responsibility and practice getting up, getting ready, and getting out the door on time in the mornings.

My middle child likes this alarm clock mainly because of the cheerful colors. It works well as a little nightlight, and you can set three different alarms on it. Be careful when it comes to power, though – if you don't have a dedicated USB charging cord plugged into it, it's easy to forget to recharge it.

Nightlight: yes | Radio: pairs with phone for music | Power: Rechargeable, USB (not included)

sony radio alarm clock

Alarm for Kids and Teens
Super Simple

Sony Radio Alarm Clock

When I was a kid, I remember listening to my clock radio at night before bed (it had a sleep timer, which seemed really cool to me at the time), and I'd wake up each morning to the local radio station. I got myself out of bed for years with my trusty little alarm clock.

This is the updated version of that clock. It's a great choice for a simple, reliable alarm clock for kids that will last into their teen years. And Hooray! It comes with its own AC adapter, so you don't have to worry about it running out of charge.

Nightlight: no | Radio: yes | Power: AC and battery backup

No one likes an abrupt, startling wake-up alarm. Waking up gradually using sunrise simulation may work better for your tween or teen, and the Wake-Up Light is a great choice! The light-based alarm clock gradually brightens to simulate sunlight before the audible alarm goes off.

The gradual wake-up is so nice for winter mornings when it's still dark. This light is also perfect for teens who have a hard time falling asleep at night. It has an option to simulate sunset, slowly turning the light down so it can become part of a visual signal for nighttime routines.


  • Adjustable lighting time and brightness for the sunrise/sunset simulation, meaning if you'd like it to move more gradually from dark to light, you can set it for a longer build-up to full brightness and vice versa.
  • Adjustable alarms and volume – you can even set the volume to 0 and just wake up to light if that's what works for you.
  • Includes a USB charging port, a power cord, and adapter
  • It can be used as a nightlight or bedside lamp.


  • The radio isn't great, not surprisingly.
  • I haven't found it to be too challenging, but some reviewers have struggled to understand the customization instructions and programming.
  • The alarm sounds include things like birds, ocean, and wind chimes. I use this alarm clock, and I found the birds to be just fine. They are, in fact, the alarm sound that I use for waking up. Some reviewers, however, say they find the birds and other nature sounds to be a bit harsh.

This is a great light/alarm clock for teens who are sensitive to light and need a soft, gradual wake-up. 

Hetyre Night Light Bluetooth Speaker, 5 in 1 Touch Control Bedside Lamp Dimmable Multi-Color Changing, Bedroom Alarm Clock, Best Birthday Gift Ideas for 10 11 12 13 14 Year Old Teenage Girls/Boys

Portable Speaker Alarm Clock

Color Changing Bluetooth Alarm Clock

This is a cool alarm clock because it can be used not only as an alarm clock, but also as a nightlight and Bluetooth speaker. There are multiple colors for the lights, which have three levels of brightness and the option of dimming. My kids thought it was neat that there's a setting that changes light colors with the volume and rhythm of the music playing.


  • 48 light options
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Speaker with Bluetooth – connects to your phone
  • Charge lasts for 8-10 hours with speaker playing at full volume, longer of course when played quieter.


  • This is an important one! It's neat that this can be used as a speaker, and that is why it's on this list. However, we found that our 14-year-old would unplug it to use as a portable speaker and then forget to plug it back in, using up the charge. And then, because it doesn't come with a dedicated power adapter of its own, we'd be scrambling at night to find a way to charge it again.

    So – this alarm clock works great if you have a spare charging block to dedicate to the clock/speaker and you leave that power block plugged in where your alarm clock goes. Without that, it can be REALLY frustrating.

This alarm clock is good for tweens and teens who love to listen to music and want a Bluetooth connection for their alarm clock. I wish it had a power adapter, though, so it could be plugged directly into the wall outlets rather than needing a USB charger.

When you’re looking for a no bells and whistles, easy-to-use, and compact alarm clock for teens, the digital alarm clock by PEAKEEP is a great option. This alarm clock features all the expected features, such as snooze, customized alarm settings, and a loud beep alarm that gets faster gradually for 90 seconds.


  • Inexpensive and super simple
  • Dimmable backlight
  • Digital thermometer for indoor temperature
  • Battery operated – meaning it's cordless


  • Battery operated – meaning it can run out of charge
  • AAA batteries not included, not chargeable

This basic alarm clock for teens also comes in a couple of different color options.

JALL Wooden Digital Alarm Clock with Wireless Charging, 3 Alarms LED Display, Sound Control and Snooze Dual for Bedroom, Bedside, Office

Wireless Charging Station

Wooden Digital Alarm Clock

Teens and tweens who are allowed to keep their phones in their rooms will love this alarm clock. They can use it to charge their cell phones wirelessly (so long as the case is wireless charging compatible or by taking the phone out of the case.) Simply lay the phone on top of this alarm clock and make sure the clock is plugged in via a USB cord. This alarm clock is also voice-controlled and has adjustable brightness for the display.


  • Charging station for cell phones
  • Voice control option
  • Adjustable brightness for the LED Display
  • Ability to set three alarms, plus weekday setting to turn off alarms on weekends. (This is super helpful so that teens can set it and forget it and still wake up on time Monday morning!)
  • Powered by USB and batteries as backup
  • Classic wood design with four options to match furniture color


  • The wireless charging can be a bit finicky – you have to remove your case unless you have a wireless charging compatible case, and there seems to be a “sweet spot” for placing the phone to charge.
  • Buttons for turning off alarms are flush with the case, making it sometimes hard to find them in the dark.
  • Batteries for backup are not included.

When your teen wants a traditional look that matches their furniture, this basic alarm clock with a charging station is a great solution to get your teen up and moving in the morning.

Sonic Bomb Dual Extra Loud Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker, Black | Sonic Alert Vibrating, Heavy Sleepers, Battery Backup | Wake with a Shake

Alarm for Hard to Wake Teens

Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker by Sonic Alert

This super modern and cool-looking alarm clock is great for teens who sleep through every other alarm clock or are deaf or hard-of-hearing. The Sonic Bomb alarm clock is easy to use, doesn’t have any frills, and looks rugged and futuristic. It's outlet powered with battery backup.


  • Small size with a loud alarm. The volume is adjustable up to113 dB
  • Includes a bed shaker for waking up to vibration
  • Large digital display with red flashing alert lights
  • 1-30-minute snooze
  • Outlet powered with battery backup


  • The clock is fairly large and takes up a good amount of space on your nightstand
  • There are a few color choices, but some reviewers don't love the aesthetics of it.
  • Setting the clock can be frustrating as it has to cycle through the numbers, and if you miss your time, you have to keep going forward through them again.

This alarm clock is a great option for teenagers who need an extra jolt to wake up since it comes with a bed shaker device that vibrates when the alarm starts to go off.

Don't Fight About the Morning Routine Anymore.

Waking up on their own helps teens and tweens to take responsibility for themselves and learn to build their daily routine. Helping your teens get into the habit of setting an alarm clock at night to get ready for school without mom or dad waking them up every morning can be a great way of learning these vital adult skills. Don’t fight with your teen about the morning routine anymore; choose an alarm clock with the features your teen or tween needs, and put timing into their hands.