Between Mom and Me – Mother Son Journal offers creative way to connect

Between Mom and Me – Mother and Son Journal. “For the mother and son who crave a rule-free, creative way to connect with each other.”

I got this mother and son journal for my 9 year old for Christmas this year and I'm really excited about it. We've just gotten started, and I think this could be a good way for us to keep in tune with one another, and keep open communication as we move towards the tween years.  This post contains affiliate links to the journals.

Between Mom and Me Mother Son Journal

These are my favorite mother child journals that I've seen (Katie Clemons makes a Mom and Me journal that is for mothers and daughters too.) I like how it has a guide page where you decide together how you'll use the journal, and the questions are on point – some are fun or silly, some ask things you'd love to know about each other, but that might feel less awkward to write rather than discuss.

Examples of questions on a two page spread (one page for mom, one page for son):

For Mom – Dear mom, what are some of your favorite parts of being a parent?
For Son -What do you think about what I wrote about being a parent? Do you think you want to be a parent some day?

So far my son is cautiously excited about writing in this journal with me.

To get started we sat down together to fill out the first page (our full names, what we call each other, how we sign our names and our ages and the date we started the journal). Then I drew a silly stick figure drawing of us and he added a few more details to our picture.  We turned to the guide page which asks whether our answers are secret, how we'll exchange the journal, how long we have to write our answers and so on. We made it through a couple of the questions before he asked if we could finish another time. 

This is what will be key with making the Between Mom and Me journal work for us – I think it will take me being the instigating force behind the journal to keep it up. I'll need to be the one looking for that opportunity to finish our guide questions and start passing it back and forth, but by the way he treasured our alone time when we were starting the journal, I can see it is something he's intrigued about, so I'm looking forward to having this as a part of our connection this coming year.


Who I'd recommend this journal for: I would recommend these journals for moms and kids who are willing to write or draw their responses and who want to gain a deeper understanding of each other. Kids ages 8-15, give or take.

In three words: closeness, communication, creative

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