Lego Water Play Sensory Activity Ideas

Washing Legos for Sensory Fun-

Did you know Legos are dishwasher safe?  Yes, they can go through a sanitize setting with no problems.  Don't ask why I wanted to find THAT out.  During a recent room cleaning when it became apparent that we needed to “deep clean” some of the Legos we sent a few pieces through the dish washer…

Then, just to see what would happen with the kids, I decided to dump the rest in the sink with some water and dish soap and let them wash their Legos.   Well guess what-  Legos are yet another thing your can just-add-water to, to increase the fun.

**edited to add – upon further research I discovered that the Lego website does not recommend high temperature washing, so in the future I would not use the dishwasher method. However, washing in the sink is just fine.

Lego Sensory Play in Water

This was simple and engaging sensory activity for my boys.  For some reason the Legos that had been causing fighting and angst only moments before became fun and easy to share once they went into a bubbly sink.

The blocks feel really interesting to swish your hands through!

When the kids eventually got done playing we rinsed out Legos and made a big pile of them on a towel to dry.  I was a little grossed out about how dirty the Lego wash water had become.  This was an unusual Lego play idea for us, but maybe we should do it again sometimes- those things were grimy!

Here are some more ideas for Lego Water Play:

Legos + Water Table – If you have a water table, try adding Legos or Duplos as part of your water play. They can make interesting waterfall structures, bridges or islands.

Lego Boats – Of course you can get Lego sets with actual Lego boats in them, but it can also be fun to make your own and see what makes them float and what makes them sink.

Lego Water Wheel – You can find instructions on Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls for how to make a water wheel and a cool water course with legos.

Lego DamsThese dams on Little Bins for Little Hands tap into our endless curiosity for how water moves and how it can make other things move.

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