Kids Winter Gear Checklist – best snow clothes for outdoor play

The fall weather is bringing in the chillier temperatures, and snow will be right around the corner. Playing outside is important for our kid's development, especially when more and more kids are turning to their screens for entertainment. Even in the winter playing outside with your kids can be fun and exciting, but they need to be protected from the elements. If your kids are bus riders or have winter activities, bundling up for school is super important also. Check out our roundup of the best winter gear for kids!

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Winter Snow Gear for Kids Checklist

Best Snow Suit for Kids:

Arctix Youth Overall Snow Bib Great for everyday wear, this snowsuit has reinforced cuffs and scuff guards to prevent fraying at the ankles. They also have gaiters – an internal sleeve that fits over the snow boots to keep legs and feet completely protected from the snow. One of the best things about this snowsuit is that it is designed for extreme temperatures from negative twenty degrees. This snowsuit has elastic sides and adjustable shoulder straps for a good fit on a wide range of body types. It also comes in a wide range of sizes and colors. You can rely ARCTIX Youth Bib Overalls for active outdoor winter play. Reviews appreciate the warmth of this snowsuit.

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Best Snow Gloves for Kids:

N’Ice Caps Kids Thinsulate Gloves When your kid is playing outside in the snow, the one thing you really want to make sure of is that the cold, wet snow won’t get inside their gloves and coat sleeves. You’ll also want their gloves to be waterproof and warm. The N’Ice Caps Kids Thinsulate Gloves offer everything you’re looking for to protect your kid’s hands. These gloves are the number one bestseller on Amazon, come in ten different colors and seven different sizes. The Thinsulate material is amazing for warmth, and the knitted cuff is tucked inside the jacket sleeves to prevent snow from getting inside. We also love that they are adjustable and super easy for kids to put on all by themselves.

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Best Snow Boots for Kids:

Weatherproof Boys Kody Snow Boot- These weather-resistant boots are designed much like a tennis shoe with good traction on the bottom for running and playing all winter long. Because they are water-resistant and not waterproof they may not be suited for really wet snow or jumping in puddles, but their lightweight and breath-ability make them some of the best winter boots for kids who need to wear snow boots to school to play on the playground. We love that these boots have a rubber sole for anti-slip and tread for perfect grip over the snow and ice. The Weatherproof boots are also easy to put on and feature a hook and loop fastener design.

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Best Winter Socks for Kids:

NOVCO Children’s Winter Wool Socks– This 6-pack of wool socks are super festive with snowflakes printed on them and come in many different colors to suit any personality. The socks are a mix fabric of wool, cotton, polyester, and spandex, making them warm but breathable, and flexible for a comfortable fit. The elastic band doesn’t compress but helps to keep the socks up and make sure feet stay nice and warm. The kid’s socks come in three different sizes and are perfect for boot socks, indoor comfort, or even hiking.

HOT FEET Thermal Socks When your kids need extra protection for their feet in the wintertime, the HOT FEET thermal socks are your best option. These socks are 93% acrylic with a spandex and polyester blend. We love that they are specifically designed to trap heat, making them perfect for extended time outside. HOT FEET is also a great replacement for indoor slippers and designed to stay in place without restricting circulation. These cozy crew socks are an Amazon Choice product with excellent reviews. We love that they are machine washable and dryable.

Best Winter Hats for Kids:

N’Ice Caps Trapper Winter Hat with Flaps When winter temperatures start to drop, your kid needs extra protection from the elements and cold. The N’Ice Caps Trapper Winter Hat is great for kids because they are water repellent, have a quilted lining for extra warmth and durability, elastic in the back of the ear-flap for better neck cover, and a secure chin strap that is also lined with faux fur to keep your child’s face warm. The brim also folds down to shield the eyes and face from sharp winter winds, extreme temperatures, and snow. This hat also comes in sizes for toddlers, kids, teens, and adults, though it is only offered in one color, black.

Best Face Mask for Kids:

The HZTG Winter Face Mask- This facemask is designed to be cute and protective with a fleece lining that is soft and breathable while keeping your face and neck warm. This facemask won’t irritate your child’s face, and You won’t have to worry about any harmful chemicals as the colors are safe and azo-free. The HZTG Face Mask is super convenient because you won’t need to buy additional hats or scarves because this face mask covers everything! However, if you don’t need as much protection, the HZTG winter face mask has zippers that make the nose and mouth covering removable. This facemask is one size fits most for children up to age 12 and comes in twenty different variations.

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With winter weather quickly approaching, protecting your child from the elements is super important. Before the snow starts to fall and you find yourself unprepared, make sure to go through our checklist of best winter gear for kids to make sure you are ready this winter season. And if you've got a younger child, you can find our picks for toddler winter gear here.