Kids Clothing Drawer Labels

Labeling kids clothes drawers encourages independence and neatness as kids learn how to take care of their laundry and put away clothes. It also make daily routines smoother as kids can quickly see which drawers to open to choose clothing for the day. To make it easy for you, we've got a free printable with clothing drawer labels as well as options for stickers you can purchase. Scroll down for Clothing Drawer Label Ideas.

Kid Clothes Drawer Labels - printable and stickers

When I made labels for the boys' clothes dresser drawers it definitely made it easier for everyone to find clothes or (even better) put them away!  The labels are in Google Docs in the link below so anyone can use them. For multiple kids who share a dresser you can color one set of clothes on color and the other set another color. Use clear contact paper to laminate if you want them to last longer.

Click to download the Free Printable Drawer Labels for Clothes:
Kids Clothing Drawer Labels

To make your own editable copy of the clothing labels – click [File] on the left hand side of the screen and select [Make a copy]. You'll then be able to edit the document, add names if you like and so on. (Even more clothing pictures can be found on my Printable Kids Packing List).

More Options for Labeling Clothing Drawers:

If you're looking for an option already done for you, you may find these clothes drawer labels on Amazon helpful. Links are affiliate links meaning if you purchase through them a percentage of the sale supports Bounceback Parenting at no extra cost to yourself.

Visual Clothes Drawer Labels for Kids:

These Labels by StikEez come in 11 different colors and include clothing labels for socks, pants, shirts and underpants. They are vinyl and described as “removable, but not reusable”.

This set of Clothes Decals includes one more picture than the StikEez set above with the ‘Winter' clothing label. They also come in a variety of colors, so you can choose the label color that matches your clothes dresser best.

This label set from A.B. Crew comes with labels for girls clothing drawers. (It also includes kitchen labels with a “locked bowl” label…? A bit odd, but we can leave those alone…) The clothing pictures are cute and, with my daughter, the accessories label would be very helpful.

You can write your own kid clothing drawer labels with this set of 40 Stickers. This can be helpful when you have a unique storage situation (like if you have a drawer for hair accessories, sports gear, etc.) You can also draw pictures of what's in the drawer. You will need special markers to write on these labels.

And I did find one more set that made me laugh – it includes the misspelled “umbrrella” label and the always helpful “ACC” labels. It DOES include a few more pictures of clothes than some other sets, so if you're most interested in the picture aspect of the drawer labels, this is could be a good choice.

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