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Kids Art Journal Prompts – LOVE

Each month I add to the Kids Art Journal Ideas here on Creative With Kids.

These art journal posts are still part of the Fill Your Cup series and include both the kids art journal ideas, and if you scroll to the bottom, they have four “Grown Up” journal prompts so that you can enjoy working on your journal alongside your child.  Or, of course if you're inspired by the kid prompts let those guide you!  As always, these are about what you need to express right now.

And, if you've ever thought of trying out art journaling – these kids art journal ideas are a great, low-pressure way to start.
Art Journal Prompts - LOVE

This month our art journaling together revolved around what my six year old tells me is his favorite word…LOVE.

You'll Need:

  • Journals/paper
  • Pens, crayons…drawing implements of your choice
  • Optional: watercolors

For the following heart ideas:

  • Paint – I use acrylic like this from Apple Barrel (affiliate) and for something like this might just put out 1-3 colors.
  • Palette or paper plates for paint
  • Paint brush to spread out paint
  • For #2 Pencils with un-used eraser
  • For #2 Knife for cutting the heart stamp (I used my paring knife.)
  • For #3 Empty TP Roll or Paper Towel Roll


Round up your art supplies and journals.  Cover your working surface if needed. Have washcloths ready for clean up.

kids art journal day - love

Love Art Journal Prompt

How we art journal together:
We get out our supplies and sit together at the table.  I talk about the word theme, asking questions, sometimes suggesting things like, “Would you like me to help you write that on your page somewhere?”

For the most part though, when I art journal with the kids, we're in our own worlds.  They see me using the art supplies making my own page and they make their own pages.  Sometimes we build on a page we've prepared in the past. We don't have a bunch of rules; the theme is what holds us together as we create.  This is why it's relaxing for us all.

Conversation/art prompts for the kids:

You can talk about these, help your child write down their response if they desire, or ask if they'd like to draw a picture of their answer.

  • What makes you feel loved?
  • Who are the people you love ?
  • How do you show people you love them?

Three Ways to Make a Heart Themed Journal Page for your art journal:

1. Fingerprint Heart

Dip fingers or thumbs into the paint and dab them onto the paper to make hearts.  Bonus if you get your child to make hearts on your journal page 🙂

2. Pencil Eraser Heart Stamps

Job for the person coordinated enough not to cut themselves: Using a nicely sharpened pocket knife or paring knife, trim  off edges of the erasers to create a heart stamp.

Spread out a thin layer of paint.  Use this as a stamp pad for your new pencil eraser heart stamp.  Alternatively use a stamp pad for your eraser stamp.

Carving heart stamps from pencils

3. Toilet Paper Roll hearts

Bend the TP roll into a heart shape and use it as a stamp.  See the tutorial at Rust and Sunshine for further pictures of making the heart stamp.

love journal page - fill your cup

Love Journal Prompts for the Grown Ups

Read through these prompts and respond to which ever catches your eye – I tend to enjoy painting or drawing while simply pondering the questions, but you may wish to write or make a list.

  • What makes the most important people in your life feel loved – are they the same things that make you feel loved, or different? How do you express to the people you care about, the ways that they make you feel loved?
  • Respond to this quote: “Many awful things have been done in the name of love, but nothing awful can be done in the name of respect.” ~Magda Gerber, founder of Resources for Infant Educarers (RIE).”
  • Can you run out of love?
  • Is there someone you wish you could tell one more time, how much you love them?  Is there someone in your life now, whom you need to contact and tell them what they mean to you?

Are you trying out the art journal prompts?  Come show us on Instagram!  Hashtag: #fillyourcup.

I'd LOVE to see what you're up to!