Journal Prompts – Shifting Perspective

Fill Your Cup is a journal prompt series that encourages moms to take care of themselves by taking a short amount of time to journal during the week.  The questions are meant to help you take a look inside and be intentional about your week to come.  Respond to whichever speaks to you by writing, painting or drawing.

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Journal Prompts - on shifting perspective

Journal Prompts today by:
Beryl Young – Mom, Photography Teacher and Noticer of Light


Being a mom can be like a ball stuck in a pinball machine. We bounce all over the place from emotion to emotion and everything can be moving along great one minute and then result in meltdown the next. One of the skills we must develop is to be able to shift perspectives.  This week's prompts are about that.

Journal Prompts – Shifting Perspective

  • When meltdown moments strike, how can you rebound quickly, shift your perspective, and put a positive light back into your day?
  • Take a moment to write a short note to each member of your family telling them what you love about them. Give the notes as gifts to each person before sitting down to eat dinner tonight.
  • Pick an event or conversation you've recently had and write about it from two different perspectives. For example, if today I had a conversation with my daughter, I could write about it as if I’m me, telling a friend about it or I could write about it as though I was my daughter or even a stranger in the room, reporting what was seen and heard. How might your story be different when told from two perspectives?
  • Go view the world from a different set of lenses. Go on a 10 minute photo walk (with or without the kids) and stop every minute to snap a photo. How did you feel before you left? How did you feel when you returned home? Did your perspective shift or change after seeing your surroundings in a different way?

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