Insulated Backpack with Compartments

Insulated Backpack with Compartments–Benefits for Kids


In this article, we’re checking out one of the most convenient, practical options for packing school lunches, snacks, or even a picnic trip – the insulated backpack. We’re extensively reviewing this product, and helping you pick the best option for your young one. We’ll examine why these products are so effective, and even outline our choices for the top options on the market! Let’s get started.


What is an Insulated Backpack?

An insulated backpack is a great option for keeping the contents of your bag cool (or warm). An insulated backpack is just what the name implies – it’s a backpack that has extra insulation for locking in a certain temperature. It saves you from carrying a separate insulated lunch box or cooler bag.You can fit your lunch, snacks, an ice pack, water bottle or a cold drink and keep it chilled using the built-in insulated cooler.

However, when you actually break it down, you’ll see that there are many different options available on the market. A cooler backpack can come in all sorts of designs, with different compartments and pouches, and different types of insulation. Below, we’ll examine a few of our favorites, but first let’s look closely at how these bags actually work:

How Does it Work?

Insulated backpacks are normal backpacks with an insulated pouch and multiple pockets for keeping warm or cold food crisp. This insulated pouch works with a multi-layer design – with a middle, outer, and inner layer. These backpacks typically have a large capacity and can work great as a lunch backpack.

The outer layer is typically the same material as the backpack itself. It’s generally a high-performance, durable, and soft material. It’s meant to be strong enough to hold everything within the backpack, and soft enough to retain some flexibility.

The inner layer of the insulated compartment is meant for waterproofing. It protects the interior cooler compartment of the backpack from water damage, and also prevents your backpack from leaking. Additionally, it makes the backpack easy to drain (should this become an issue). Typically, the material used for waterproofing will be a type of plastic or vinyl with a zippered pocket.

Then we have the middle layer. The middle layer is the primary insulation material. It is the layer that prevents any heat from transferring. It keeps cold (or warm air) in, and the outside air out. Typically, this material is a foam-like substance such as polyurethane, polyethylene, or thermal batting. All of these substances are heat/cold resistant, and will provide ample insulation for the backpack itself.

What to Look for In an Insulated Backpack

What to Look for In an Insulated Backpack

Many choose an insulated backpack for obvious reasons. It’s the best of both worlds. It provides you a convenient place to keep your things, and also a separate compartment to keep everything cool and fresh. When it comes to lugging things around all day, the less things you have to carry, the better (especially for young kids). Kids will love the functionality of an insulated cooler backpack.

To pick the best insulated backpack, consider these factors:

  • Quality of the Backpack: We can’t talk about the quality of an insulated backpack without talking about the quality of the backpack itself. Pay special attention to the backpack’s design. This includes materials used, strength of the shoulder strap, padded shoulder on the strap, where each pocket and pouch are, and more! There are so many backpacks for kids, and you want a quality backpack with an insulated pouch. If you want some recommendations, skip to the section below.
  • Size of the Insulated Compartment: Of course, the size of the insulated compartment is a worthy consideration as well. Ideally, you want it to be large enough to fit a child’s lunch, a water bottle, or perhaps snacks for later in the day. Basically, you want it to be practical, and that will largely depend on the size of a child’s lunchbox as well.
  • Quality of the Seal: Pay special attention to the area that seals the insulated compartment. The tighter the better, as its more efficient in keeping the area controlled for temperature. For example, something like a zippered pocket will be a much more efficient insulator than something like Velcro.  However, it’s also worth noting that you don’t need to overdo it. An insulated backpack isn’t meant to totally prevent all temperature from escaping. It’s really just supposed to keep a lunch cool or warm for the few hours until lunch time. So, if you’re focused on getting the absolute best insulated seal, you might be overdoing it!

Some of Our Favourites

Before we wrap up our article, we thought we’d check out a few of our favorite insulated backpacks. There are so many choices out there, and you might get a little overwhelmed by all the picks on the market. Here are a few of our favourite insulated backpacks. These are fun choices that are highly efficient as well!

Yodo Kids Insulated Backpack

Here’s a really fun option for an insulated lunch bag. The Yodo Kids insulated pack is meant to look like a dinosaur! It’s a really fun, cool backpack that kids can easily support on their backs.

This one comes in a variety of options. There’s the basic insulated backpack, the larger insulated backpack, and even the 3-in-1 school backpack. So, whether you simply need an insulated bag, or you also need a backpack to pack your child’s school supplies, you can find what you need with Yodo Kids products.

Skip Hop Insulated Backpack

The Skip Hop Insulated Backpack is another really fun design. This one comes in various designs that kids love – from unicorn, to fox, to butterfly!

This is a fully functional school backpack, with an extra insulated pouch for your child’s lunch. The insulated compartment is quite effective, and will keep kids’ lunches cool until lunch time.

The insulated pouch is located at the front of the bag, while the larger main compartment is completely separate. This allows you to easily separate your child’s lunch from their supplies, so that will only open the insulated pouch when they need to. This prevents temperature loss, and keeps food fresh!


Thanks so much for reading our guide to insulated backpacks. These products are a great solution for kids to keep their school lunches fresh and tasty! As a parent, you can be secure in the fact that your culinary creations will make it to lunch time. Insulated backpacks are a great 2-in-1 product for school supplies and school lunches!