Halloween Handprints Craft – Ghost Banner

Boo!  Little ghosts are haunting our entry way!

The kids wanted a quick Halloween decoration to make, and I love how this ghost banner turned out using their hand prints.

Make your own Halloween Hand print Banner and welcome a few cute ghosts into your house too.  This only took about 15 minutes to make; it's very easy. This post includes Amazon affiliate links to products used in the craft. Should you purchase through them you support the writing on this blog at no extra cost to yourself. Thanks!


Halloween Hand Prints Ghost Banner


  • Black Construction Paper
  • White tempera paint (tempera is most washable, but we actually used acrylic)
  • Black marker
  • [easyazon_link identifier=”B0074MHV7W” locale=”US” tag=”lissybug-20″]Googly eyes[/easyazon_link]
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Optional – hole punch

Boo Banner - Handprints Halloween Craft

1. Make white handprints. Paint palms with white paint and use them to hand print, leaving enough space between that you can cut them out.  Let them dry a moment. We did the hand prints first, let them dry and painted on their faces before cutting them out of the black paper.

2. Paint on eyes and mouths or glue on some ghostly googly eyes.

3. Cut out your ghosts. We just trimmed around the hand prints making the ghosts in varying sizes depending if it was my hand print or my son's.

4. Send your ghosts out to haunt the neighborhood!

  • Punch a couple holes in the tops and thread them onto a string. You will soon have a banner of Hand print ghosts to hang across a doorway or to decorate your living room.
  • Tie string on the top and hang them individually.
  • You could also use these hand print ghosts to decorate a bulletin board
  • Or maybe you'd like to send a sweet handprint ghostie to Grammy in the mail 🙂

Happy Halloween my friends! Everyone have their costumes ready?  I still have to figure out how to come up with a shark. I've got a knight and I hope the toddler doesn't mind that she'll be wearing a cozy hand-me-down dinosaur suit.

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