Art supplies next to a journal

Getting Started with Creative Journaling

Opening the door to using doodles, drawing or any of these visually creative ways to express yourself can be fun and add an interesting new aspect to journaling. And for those who've never liked writing, but still crave a way to explore feelings and document the everyday moments in life, creative journaling is a great way to go.\

What is Creative Journaling?

Creative journaling could also be called art journaling, but when you search the term ‘art journaling' a lot of the pictures that come up are really beautiful journal pages. And while those are definitely inspiring, sometimes they're also intimidating. 

The thought that you have to make “art” can get your inner critic going, so this is another way to think about it. Using the phrase “creative journaling” hopefully will tone down that critic – Creative Journaling it simply using your journal in creative ways.

If you want to make beautiful pages, that's great, but allowing yourself to tap into your creativity without it having to be pretty can really open up opportunities for self-expression. There are so many ways to process thoughts and experiences creatively like doodling, comic drawing, painting, and collaging. And those methods can always be combined with traditional writing style journal entries.

Getting Started with Creative Journaling

Ready to get started with art journaling? First things first, you’ll need to gather art supplies. It’s up to you what type of art materials and art supplies you want to use – it could be pens, pencils, paint or some mixed media art supplies – the choice is yours!

Once you have art supplies, the next step is to find some inspiration. This can come from art journals you see online or art journals made by friends and family. You can also take art journaling classes or join art journaling groups to help get your creative juices flowing.

Finally, set art journaling goals that will give you purpose and direction while art journaling. So what are you waiting for? Start art journaling today and see where your creativity takes you!

Paint Journaling

Paint art is great if you prefer more of a visual art approach to art journaling. It’s perfect for those of us who feel more comfortable with art supplies such as paints, brushes and canvas. You can use paint art to create colorful art journal spreads or even abstract art pieces that represent your feelings and thoughts.

Paint art is a great way to explore color theory, composition and texture while connecting the process with your emotions. You might find yourself seeing patterns where specific scenes relate to specific experiences or feelings.

To get started with this type of journaling you'll want to get a notebook that has heavy enough paper to withstand the paint you want to use. Thankfully these are easy enough to find. They even make journals with watercolor paper in various sizes

Mixed Media Journaling

Mixed media art allows you to get extremely creative through a variety of art materials and techniques. One of the most popular examples of a mixed media style journal that you might love is collage journaling.

Collage art is a great way to add an element of surprise and unpredictability to art journaling. You can use scrapbook supplies, magazine clippings or even found objects such as fabric, buttons and feathers to create art journals that are unique and full of unexpected surprises. Collage art is perfect for those of us who want to explore art journaling in a more abstract way.

Creative Journaling Supplies

When it comes to art journaling, you don’t need to invest in expensive art supplies. All you really need is a pen and paper to get started. However, art journaling can be even more fun when you have a variety of art supplies on hand. Here are some art journaling supplies that can help bring your art journals to life:

No matter what art supplies you choose to use, art journaling is a great way to express yourself and explore art in a creative way. So grab some art supplies and have fun creating your art journals!