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3 Ways to Prepare an Art Journal Page + Journal Prompts for Prepare

This week the journal prompt for Kids and their Grown Ups is: Prepare

For the Kids Art Journaling ideas we prepared a few pages in an Artterro Art Journal Kit – the sponsor for this Falls Art Journal fun.  Scroll all the way to the bottom for the journal prompt questions!

You can find all of the {fill your cup} Journal Prompts right here!

Art Journaling for Kids (1)

We are three weeks into a six week Art Journal with Kids series and for this week I chose the word prepare, because I wanted to show my kids that we can begin a journal page and then come back to it later.  We took a little time to prepare some pages which will be fun to continue creating on later.

3 Ways to Prepare an Art Journal Page with Kids:

Watercolor + Salt:

Art Journaling for Kids (5)

Paint a nice wet page of color.  Sprinkle salt across the page and allow to dry.  Shake off the salt and you have a background speckled where the salt crystals absorbed the paint.

Washi Tape:

Art Journaling for Kids (4)

Simply use Washi Tape (Amazon Link) to decorate or section off a page before you begin drawing or writing on it.  Just one strip of the colorful tape on the paper edge can brighten a journal page.

Tracing circles:

Art Journaling for Kids (3)

Using a round object such as a tape roll, a canning jar ring or a cookie cutter, trace over-lapping circles on the page.  These can later be colored in, written in or painted.

Journal Prompts

Read through these prompts and respond to which ever catches your eye – I tend to enjoy painting or drawing while simply pondering the questions, but you may wish to write or make a list.

Weekly Journal Prompts - fill your cup

  • What do you need to prepare for right now?
  • Do you ever spend too much time preparing and not enough time acting?  How can you get yourself moving?
  • We face certain frustrating situations over and over – think of something that's coming up a lot for you lately.  What is one way you can prepare for the next time this situation occurs?
  • How do you prepare your children for independence?  Is there something new you need to start teaching them or allow them to do for themselves?

Artterro Art Journal Kits
This Fall the {fill your cup} journal prompts are sponsored by Artterro. These wonderful art journal kits are a great way for you and your kids to try out Art journaling. Why not use the weekly {fill your cup} prompt in an art journal?