Cornmeal Castles Sensory Play

Kids Sensory Activity – Sand Castle Dough!

This interesting dough is made much like the Cloud Dough you've probably seen (here's one version at the Imagination Tree), only with cornmeal instead of flour which makes for a neat texture and sandy color.
Cornmeal Sand Castles

Cornmeal Sand Castle Dough:

All you need is two ingredients:

  • Cornmeal and
  • Oil (I used olive oil, but the type you use isn't real important)

If I had to guess, I'd say approximately 2 cups cornmeal to 3/4 cup oil, but you'll have to mix and feel for a consistency you like as you go. We'd been playing with cornmeal as a sensory experience recently, so I still had the baking dish out full of cornmeal when I thought of this idea.  I just poured oil in until the consistency felt right.

Extend the Play:

This dough feels great in your hands and can be shaped and squished.  Add a few toys and you've got even more fun.

You can start out with nothing in the bin except the dough and slowly add a few things and it will extend the length of time your child plays and allow them to thoroughly investigate each new element of play.
Toys to add:
Beach objects like shells or a bucket
Spoons or forks
Bowls, cups, measuring spoons
Your child will know just what to do and will have lots of fun exploring this dough.  If you'd like to join in you might try writing your child's name, making a tower for them to smash, or hiding objects in the cornmeal for them to find.

To make clean up easy you can put this out in a bin over a table cloth, play outside with it, or put a smaller bin inside of a larger shallow bin (such as an under the bed plastic storage container.)

If you're looking for more great natural sensory materials, or if you are concerned about using a food ingredient in play, you can check out this list of 20+ Frugal and FUN Sensory Activity Ideas.

Happy swishing and scooping and play!