Six Cool Lunch Boxes for Kids

Six Cool Lunch Boxes for Kids – Your Kid Will Love Them!


In this article, we’re taking a look at some cool lunch boxes for kids! We’re giving you a handy guide to picking not only the most functional lunch box, but the coolest box as well. After all, kids can be pretty picky when it comes to their daily accessories, and lunch boxes are no exception!

What to Look for In A Cool Lunch Box?

Before we examine our top picks, let’s take a look at how to select a cool lunch box. In our opinion, the coolest lunch boxes combine form and function! They need to have cool designs that kids enjoy, but they also need to have an element of usability and be able to hold a packed lunch. So, don’t just buy a lunch box because it has a cool picture on it. Consider these aspects as well:


First up, consider the size of the lunch box. If your school lunch box isn’t big enough to fit a substantive packed lunch, then your kid won’t think it’s very cool at all! Ideally, you want enough space inside the box to pack a main and a couple sides. If you go on the bigger side, you can even save some room to pack an after-school snack!

But there’s also a balance to be had. Because you don’t want a lunch box that is too big to even fit in your child’s bag.So pick a bag that is big enough for all the stuff you need to pack, but not too big.


Durability is another major consideration, especially when you’re packing lunches for kids. Simply put, kids aren’t always so careful! And you don’t want to pack a lunch that ends up getting squashed in your child’s back pack. A strong insulated bag is made out of stainless steel, or it could be a plastic container that keeps its form. Another good idea is to buy a school lunch tote that has a carrying strap, so your child can carry it around separately instead of keeping it in their backpack.



Different lunchbox designs will have different compartments for storing each element of a child’s meal. This is especially prevalent in a bento box, which has many different compartments for keeping everything separate and secure. Compartments can be a great way to avoid an overreliance on Ziploc bags and saran wrap!


Insulation is a very important factor in your child’s lunchtime enjoyment. Insulation will quite literally keep your lunch “cool”. If you’re packing cold food or even hot food, you’re going to want an insulated lunch bag. Check out some of our options below.


And of course, last but not least, the design! The design of the lunch box will probably be the #1 “cool factor” for your child! There is so much to choose from – different designs, different shapes, different patterns, and different pictures! It might even be a great opportunity to ask your own child for their input. Sometimes the best box is one that they pick themselves.

6 Cool Lunch Boxes Your Kids Will Love

Here are six cool boxes that we think your kids will love. We emphasize all the factors covered above, and made sure that each box had its own unique appeal. There’s something on this list for every kid!

Kasqo Insulated Lunch Box

The Kasgo box has a super cool design. What could be cooling than a T-Rex in space riding a surfboard? Not much, if you ask us. And outside of the radical pattern, this is a handy little lunch box. It has multiple zippers for convenient access, a carrying strap, and it is well insulated to keep food fresh all day long!

Stanley Classic Lunch Box

We think this is one of the coolest lunch boxes on the market! It has that classic retro appeal of a stainless-steel lunch box from the 1960s. Outside of its awesome design, it’s actually a highly functional box. It’s extremely durable, and you don’t have to worry about any food getting crushed during transit. It’s also very spacious, and is big enough for even the most extensive school lunches. The only downside is that it might be a bit too big, so it’s probably best for older kids (or even for you!).

Carhartt Insulated Lunch Bag

The Carhartt bag is a very capable lunch vessel, and it might appeal to the kid who enjoys the Carhartt brand! A popular brand of work clothing and accessories, Carhartt has that blue collarappeal. This lunch box is a good size, and has great insulation. It also comes in various color and pattern selections, including the popular kid favorite – camo!

Packit Classic Lunch Box

Here’s another really cool design, astronauts in space (with tons of other design options available)! While it’s not necessarily the most advanced lunch box, it has everything you need to get the job done. This is just a simple, classic, zip-up lunch box. This box is also freezer-safe, which means you can cool it in the freezer overnight, and it will keep food fresh all day.

Scooby Doo Lunch Box

This is the perfect box if your kid happens to like Scooby Doo! This one is shaped just like the classic Scooby Doo Mystery Machine van. It’s a pretty basic lunch box, but sometimes basic is all you need. There’s a good-sized compartment with zip-up design, and a convenient carrying handle. If your child is a fan of the classic cartoon dog, then this would make the perfect lunch box!

Kids Bento Box

As far as bento boxes go, we think this one is the coolest option for kids. It comes in a few different bright, fun color choices. Additionally, a bento box is simply a practical solution for packing a lunch. There’s room for a main, 3 sides, and a dip! Your child’s lunch will be well stocked with ample variety. Additionally, this one seals tight, so there’s no worries about the potential mess when it’s packed away in your kid’s bag.