Community Q&A – How do you get kids cleaning a shared room without fights?

I want your tips and suggestions!  I get some questions that are bettered answered by the collective wisdom of the Creative with Kids community rather than just myself.  Community Q&A gives you a chance to share what you know.

Kids Share Room – They Fight About Cleaning

Hi Alissa,

I am wondering if you have any creative ideas for helping my kids clean their shared bedroom?

Currently my 8 and 6 year olds share a room and of course the responsibility for cleaning it up. Unfortunately cleaning the room and keeping it clean causes a lot of strife. They frequently argue over who is not helping, who got what out, and who does more cleaning.  My 8 year old is better at getting it done but often protests loudly that the 6 year old is not helping or worse just playing (and of course every one knows you can't protest and clean at the same time:).

What can I do to help them? I will admit that I am not good about sitting in the room with them and walking them through it at this point. I have 3 kids and one on the way, I need them to be able to complete this task fairly independently. I always appreciate the creative solutions you post on your blog !


Do your kids share a room?  What are your tips for getting kids cleaning together in a shared bedroom??  Scroll down to see other people's answers; click “add one” to add your own.