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Christmas Card Making Station

As part of our Creative Christmas Countdown this year we've made a card making station.

Our Christmas Card Making Station makes it easy for the kids to make cards, and since I set it up early in the month, they have time to make cards for many of their friends and family without feeling rushed.

The benefit of having a station is that all of the supplies are in one place and they can easily be put away again, yet still be accessible.

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Setting Up Your Christmas Card Making Station

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The point of this station is to make a place where kids can create and clean up relatively autonomously.  Of course this will not be so easy for a younger child, but you may find that it still makes it easier for you to create together with all of the specific supplies pulled together neatly.

First, I chose a large container that everything will fit in and a surface protector to go with it.  If you have a vinyl table cloth, it could even fold right up to fit into the box at clean up time.

Then grab some smaller containers to hold supplies – I happen to have this basket that holds metal cups, but it could be anything you've got on hand.


Christmas Card making station

Supply Ideas for your Card Making Station

Don't get carried away! The kids don't need all kinds of fancy Christmas baubles to make cards, just pull together what you have on hand. Even with the option to glue on pom poms and glitter, my kids first went for simple ol' markers and stamps.

Supply Options: 

Cards – If you're cutting up cardstock, you may wish to cut and fold the cards ahead of time to make it easier for the kids to jump right into card making.

  • cardstock or cards
  • envelopes

Something to draw with

  • crayons
  • markers
  • paint *only if your kids can manage this without making a huge mess and clean up on their own.  Paint was not included in my station 😉
  • pencils
  • glitter pens

Basic Supplies

  • scissors
  • glue (I Like Elmers washable glue sticks for times I want to let the kids work on their own)
  • colorful paper
  • wrapping paper scraps

For Fun

  • stamps and a stamp pad (I didn't put out mailing stamps for fear that my four year old would think they were here for decorating purposes.)
  • glittery pipe cleaners (but you may need to explain that cards have to be flat to fit in the mail.)
  • tiny pom-poms – we got ours in a bag of “ultimate fuzzy” craft supplies that I believe we found at Walmart.
  • Christmas ribbon
  • glitter glue
  • glitter if you are brave enough to let this craft supply loose without strict supervision.  I am not so brave.
  • stickers
  • edger scissors

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That's it!  Hope you enjoy some handmade cards this year – later in the season this can turn into your handmade Christmas tag making station.  Or add a few recyclables and turn it into an ornament making station.

It's not too late to join our Creative Christmas Countdown – you can sign up here.

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