Calm Down Kids- Blow Bubbles!


How do you get three kids to go from screeching and grouchy to quiet and calm?

 (you'll think this is too simple)

Give them straws and bowls with water and a squirt of dishsoap and show them how to blow bubbles.Calm Down Kids

How do you get a toddler overcome her fear of the bath?

(you guessed it)

Show her how to blow bubbles in the bowl sitting in the bathtub.

All you need is a squirt of dish soap and an inch or two of water in a bowl or Tupperware container.

  • Give the kids straws and let them blow bubbles until the bowl overflows.
  • You can hide toys in the bubbles or drop them onto the bubble tower.
  • Try making a bubble bigger by putting a straw into it and blowing.

Blowing bubbles stimulates deeper, more regular, breathing naturally calming your child's mind and besides- it's fun!

{fair warning} I know of a certain toddler who later used this idea to try and blow bubbles in the dog water, making her mom and dad all grossed out. Hahaha