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Books to Help You Recharge When You’re Sick of Parenting: Get Re-inspired

Sometimes parenting just takes it out of me. I go through lulls, sometimes feeling terribly bleak and lost, sometimes just a minor low, when I forget why I'm doing what I'm doing. I just need a boost – a reminder that I'm not alone and I can keep doing this.

I've always been a reader and books offer a comfort and a recharge. Here are some I reach for over and over.

Books to recharge your mom batteries

I'd love to hear the books you turn to for inspiration. The ones I've listed are like good friends for me, ready any time to share their wisdom. When I'm tired, unmotivated and feeling low I mostly need books I pick up and open to any page and just read a bit to lift my spirits, and these offer that.

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Books to Re-inspire My Parenting:

Books for when I don't remember what it means to be a whole human being:

When it comes down to it, I'm happiest when I'm feeding my creative soul instead of only focusing on being mom.

What books (or blogs) do you turn to to perk you up when you have low energy and low motivation? Please leave your recommendations!

Best books to get you reinspired