3 Ingredient Birdseed Ornaments

Really Easy Cookies for the Birds!

Birdseed Heart Cookies

This is such a  simple recipe for birdseed cookies.  All you need is gelatin, birdseed and water.  The mixture simply air dries and becomes a hard birdseed cookie.

I found the recipe and wonderful directions at Bargain Hoot.  Please see instructions here for a her ideas on how to shape and add twine hangers to these cookies.

Birdseed Cookies Recipe (1)

The recipe I came up with is very similar, it just uses less gelatin than the original one I found.  It held together quite well once the bird cookies dried.

Birdseed Cookie Recipe:

  • One gelatin packet (one of those small ones, I guess there is about two tablespoons of gelatin in one)
    dissolve into:
  • 3/4 C water
    mix in:
  • 2 to 2 1/2 C amaranth and millet (or other birdseed of your choice) With larger seeds I found I needed to add more seeds to the mixture

The resulting mixture will be pretty wet at first.  Let it begin to gel for a while, stirring occasionally before you use cookie cutters or your hands to shape the mixture into cookies on a sheet of aluminum foil or parchment paper.

The cookies can air dry over night.  The paper will make it easier to flip the cookies part way through the drying.

3 Ingredient Birdseed Ornaments

Decorate your Birdseed Cookies

We decorated the tops of ours by pressing raisins and pumpkin seeds into the birdseed mixture while it was still in the cookie cutter.

My kids were able to participate in making these by mixing and decorating.  If I was in a more patient mood they could have helped with filling the cookie cutters too.

Hanging Birdseed Cookies

Their favorite part, however, was hanging our birdseed cookies out for the birds!

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