Best Winter Gear For Toddlers – cold weather gear list for tots

The colder weather is setting in, and snow is going to be on the ground before you know it, if it’s not already. There are many activities you can do with toddlers in the winter, as long as temperatures are safe, and you’ll need the proper winter gear to get them through this season safely.

Before you go shopping for winter gear for toddlers however, you need to have a good understanding of everything you might need including mittens and gloves, snow boots, snowsuits, and other great winter essentials. Check out our picks for the best winter gear for toddlers. This post contains affiliate links to relevant products, should you purchase through them Bounceback Parenting receives a commission at no extra cost to you.

Toddler Winter Gear List

Best Mittens for Toddlers: N’Ice Caps Kids Easy-On Wrap Mittens

Wrap style mittens are far and above the best mittens for toddlers because they are super easy to put on and adjust for a custom fit. The ribbed cuffs fit under the jacket or snowsuit securely to stop snow from sneaking in, and the non-slip coating on the palm and thumbs make gripping things easier little ones. The N’Ice Caps Wrap Mittens are water and snow proof, making them ideal for kids who want to play outside, building snowmen and making snow angels.

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Best Gloves for Toddlers: N’Ice Caps Waterproof Insulated Winter Snow Gloves

These gloves with fingers for toddlers are the best available. The N’Ice Caps gloves are for children age three and up and are water and snow proof. They are also exceptionally warm due to the Thinsulate material that keeps hands toasty warm without making the gloves bulky. The gloves have grippy palms and fingers, making them perfect for enjoying snowy days. The elastic in the wrist area also makes them adjustable, so you never have to worry about snow slipping into the gloves. N’Ice Caps gloves for toddlers also have nine different patterns to choose from!

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Best One-Piece Snowsuit for Toddlers: Columbia Baby Snuggly Bunny Bunting

One-piece snowsuits are ideal for babies and young toddlers because there is only one outer layer that you must worry about getting them in and out of. Because the Columbia Baby Snuggly Bunny Bunting is all one-piece, there is less risk of snow, ice, and water getting up their sleeves or in their boots. One of my favorite things about this snowsuit is the fold-over hand and feet covers for when the mittens are missing.

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Best Two-Piece Snowsuit for Toddlers:  Arctix Infant/Toddler Chest High Insulated Snow Bib Overalls

Active toddlers who love to run around outside in the snow need a two-piece snowsuit that allows them to be mobile and unrestrained. The Arctix Infant/Toddler Chest High Insulated Snow Bib Overalls are our favorite pick for two-piece snowsuits for toddlers because they are wind, snow and waterproof, and have a microfleece lining that keeps your toddler warm and cozy.

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Best Snow Boots for Toddlers: Kamik Footwear Snowbug4 Insulated Boot 

All four of my toddlers have had a pair of Kamik Snowbug Snow boots to help them get through the winter months. The adjustable strap over the tongue makes the boots quite easy to put onto a squirming toddler, but also offer a snug, secure fit that will block snow from falling inside. The fuzzy lining is very warm and cozy and sure to keep your child’s feet comfortable and dry in the wintertime. One of our favorite thing about the Snowbug boots is how lightweight yet durable they are. Your toddler won’t feel like their legs are heavy and clunky when they are wearing the boots that are 100% nylon with a rubber sole, and weatherproof.

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Best Snow Hat for Toddlers: N’Ice Caps Trapper Winter Hat with Flaps

If you live somewhere that reaches bitter cold winter temperature or gets a lot of snow; you want the very best snow hat for toddlers. The N’Ice Caps Trapper Winter Hat is water repellant, features a faux fur lining for warmth and insulation, and has flaps that come down over your toddler’s ears. We love that the design of this hat overs neck coverage, and the ear flaps can be buttoned up if you want. The bill also folds down to offer sunshade and the chin strap closes with Velcro.

Best Toddler Sled: Flexible Flyer Toddler/Baby Sled

All of our kids loved the traditional style wooden toboggans for toddlers. Not only does the sled look nice, the Flexible Flyer is a high-quality sled for babies and toddlers that features a high backrest. Each sled is handcrafted from Northern Hard Rock Maple, and the riding position is elevated to keep your little one dry. If you order one of these toddler sleds online, it will come fully assembled which was a sigh of relief for this busy mom!

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We love all the winter gear above because each piece is functional, water/snow proof, which work great for toddler snow play; however, we also realize that sometimes going outdoors in the winter is just not an option whether it’s just too cold and snowy, someone is sick, or we just want to curl up inside with great books for toddlers and relax, or maybe bake. The most important thing no matter what you choose to do is that you are spending time together as a family.