Best Winter Boots for Kids (cozy toes for every type of cold weather)

We've rounded up the top rated winter boots for kids and listed which are best for wet and muddy weather, everyday winter play or heavy duty snow stomping. In our list you'll find the best pair of winter boots for your kids whether they're going to be wearing them to school each day, or using them only for the occasional snow storm.

Want to get right to it? Our Editor's 2020 Pick for kids' winter boots is:
Kamik Rocket Cold Weather Boots – highly rated, durable, waterproof, warm.

Best Winter Boots for Kids - Keeps kids active this winter when you have warm comfortable winter boots to play in

It’s hard to believe that I've lived in the mountains for over 20 years now. I grew up in the desert, where our idea of cold weather gear was a thick jacket and thin magic stretch gloves. So when I moved (without a car) to a snowy mountain town in my 20’s, I got a crash course in snow gear. I learned early on that snow boots might just be the most important thing I could own!

Some 20 years later I have purchased my fair share of snow boots, unfortunately, not all of those have been as successful as that pair I bought for myself back in college. The thing about snow boots is that while keeping your feet dry and warm is the top priority, there are a number of other factors that go into a good snow boot, such as: how they lace or close, how tall they are, whether or not they have removable liners, how much traction they have, and what kind of activities you will be doing in them.

Oh, and whether or not you kid will actually be willing to wear them.

Taking into consideration the various reasons kids wear winter boots, and unique challenges you face finding just the right pair, we've come up with our top picks for boots for kids.

Best Winter Boots for Kids

Great all-around snow boots for kids:

Kamik Rocket Cold Weather Boot

These are our top choice for easy on and off, and protection from snow, rain and mud. They're some of my favorite boots, my daughter is is currently on her second winter in these boots which were worn by both her older brothers, so they are definitely well constructed. The Kamik features a removable liner, an adjustable ankle strap, and cinch cord at the calf all to keep snow out and feet warm in weather as cold as -40°F.

Everyday Boots– Good if your child will be wearing boots every day back and forth to school

Weatherproof Boys Kody Snow Boot

These weather resistant boots are designed much like a tennis shoe with good traction on the bottom for running and playing all winter long. Because they are water resistant and not waterproof they may not be suited for really wet snow or jumping in puddles but their light weight and breath-ability make them some of the best winter boots for kids who need to wear snow boots to school to play on the playground.

Totes Michael Snow Boot

Easy to get on and off these boots are great for everyday wear. The pull tight bungee lace up makes it easy to get a quick, secure fit for running and playing at school or the park. They have a waterproof upper and a warm liner to help keep you child’s feet comfortable and dry.

Light Weight Boots- Best winter boots for kids sensitive to weight and bulk

Merrell Snow Bank 2.0

If you have a kid who hates wearing snow boots to school in the winter because the are heavy and clunky these Merrells might be just the solution you are looking for. These boots are ready for the snow but the slim design makes it a great everyday shoe; light-weight, with sneaker like treads and an easy on and off lacing system. They have rubber soles and a leather upper with sealed seams making them waterproof and comfortable in weather as cold as -25°F.

Stonz Cold Weather Snow Boots

Another great option for kids who need lightweight boots, Stonz are made from a new lightweight material which according to the company are the “lightest on the market”. Made in Canada, these boots are slim and light-weight but also heavy duty snow gear, rated for -58°F with top of the line treads for slip resistance. They have 3 adjustable closures for a secure, comfortable fit.

Rain, Sleet and Mud– If you need boots that will keep out the mud and water, as well as, the snow, these are good choices.

Kamik Snobuster 1

These boots look like rain boots but are insulated with a removable thermal liner, making them appropriate for cold and wet weather down to -25°F. The lightweight rubber shell extends all the way up to the top of the boot making them easy to clean even after tromping through the mud, and the snow collar at the top of the boot keeps snow out.


MuckBoots Rugged II Snow Boot

Easy to put on, these boots have an extended rubber exterior making them waterproof and easy to clean. They have fleece liner and are rated for comfort down to -40 °F. The Slip resistant sole make these a great choice for wet and muddy areas. MuckBoots come in a variety of colors and prints.

Heavy Duty Snow Boots – Best if you need boots for very cold weather or intense outdoor exploration in the snow

The North Face Alpenglow IV

Perfect for your more adventurous explorers, these boots are waterproof, have a rugged sole, are lightweight, and can be worn in temperatures as low as -25°F. They have a removable thermal liner which means you wash and even replace it if necessary. The boots are laced with a bungee pull-tight cord to make them easy to get on, ensure a snug fit, and keep the snow out.

Wrangling the mess that comes with snow boots 

There are a few items that make life just a tad easier when managing multiple pairs of wet, possibly muddy snow boots such as:

Rhino Bilt Folding Scraper

A boot scraper saves a ton of hassle by getting much of the mess off outside. I like this one because not only does it fold up for storage but it doesn't have to be mounted.

Iron Gate – 2 Pack – Heavy Duty Big Foot Boot Tray

A boot tray for to keep the slush and mud up off the floors. I like this one because it comes in a two pack and with a family of six I have a lot of boots to manage.

DryGuy Travel Dry DX Boot & Shoe Heater

While the goal is always that boots stay dry on the inside, every year we seem to have one or two instances where one of my kids gets snow in their boots or tries to wear their tennis shoes out in the snow. In times like those, these boot dryers are amazingly handy.

I hope this list helps you find just the right boots for your kids this winter.

By the way, I still own those boots I bought my first winter in the mountains, and they are still functional (although sometimes I have to go dig them out of my teenagers closet because he thinks they should belong to him now). 

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