Best Snowsuits for Toddlers 2022

Looking for a warm hard working toddler snow suit? This is the list for you. My kids believe snow play should be a full body experience. They delight in rolling through it, building with it, and burying each other. I shiver just thinking about it, but I know they're warm and dry in a good quality snowsuit. Want to save time and go for the crowd favorite?

Our top pick for toddler snow suits:

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After 14 years of choosing snowsuits, I feel pretty confident when I have to buy a new one but I haven't always. If you read my post about choosing toddler snow boots, you know that I didn't grow up in a snowy climate. In fact before college I could have counted on one hand the number of times I had seen snow. Figuring out what makes a good snowsuit has been a process of trial and error .

I have compiled a list of snowsuits with the qualities I look for when choosing my own toddlers' winter gear, because we don't all have years to figure out what we are looking for. This post contains Amazon affiliate links to the products listed.

One Piece Snowsuits for Toddlers

I like these snowsuits for babies and young toddlers because you only have to get them in and out of one outer layer and because they are all one piece there are less gaps where snow can sneak in. One piece means less time and energy spent chasing down multiple pieces of outer wear because lets face it you still have to find both socks and both mittens. Another added benefit of this style is that they often come with fold over hand and foot covers just in case you can't actually find both mittens. 🙂

Columbia Baby Powder Lite Reversible Bunting

This wind and water-proof suit has a micro fleece lining to help lock in body heat. The fold over hand and foot covers make it an ideal choice for younger toddlers who may need to stay warm while enjoying the outdoors from a stroller or sled in addition to playing in the snow.

iXtreme One Piece Snowmobile Suit

This suit has leg gators (an inner sleeve that goes inside the boot and and outer pant leg that zips down over the boot) and adjustable closures at the wrist, perfect for keeping the cold and snow from creeping into to boots and mittens while playing in the snow. Available in sizes from 12 months to 4T.

Ohrwurm Baby Winter One Piece Snowsuit

This toddler snowsuit has two front zippers making it easy to get on and off for quick diaper changes or going potty. It comes with booties and mittens and the gusseted crotch allows for ease of movement making it a comfortable suit for younger toddlers who may be carried in a backpack.

2 Piece Snowuits for toddlers

Two piece Snowsuits offer more flexibility and the snow bibs tend to be adjustable, so that they can grow with your child (I have often been able to have my kids wear this style of suit two winters in a row). These suits offer increased mobility and range of motion. They are easier to put on and take off which can be important for toddlers and preschoolers who are experimenting with independence.

Carter's Heavyweight 2-piece Snowsuit

This two piece set from Carter's boasts a fleece lined hood for snugly soft warmth, and adjustable wrist cuffs and leg gators to help create a barrier against the elements. In sizes 12mos all the way up to kids size 7 and up this suit has sizes that are great for bigger toddlers who are starting to play in the snow for longer periods of time. It's also nice to have the separate winter jacket for days when kids just need a jacket and no snow pants.

Arctix Toddler Snow Bib Overalls

These snow bib overalls need to be paired with a winter jacket, but the adjustable shoulder straps and and elastic side gussets allow for a custom fit that will grow with you child. The pant legs haves scuff guards and a reinforced hem at the ankle so they will stand up to daily or heavy use.

London Fog Snow Suit and Jacket

Reviewers rank this as a good value for the price – warm, with a slight tendency to run “wide” which does give room for layers underneath if you wish. London Fog makes these snow suits and jacket combos in both so-called “boy colors” and “girl colors“.

Arctic Quest Snow Suits

Arctic Quest has highly rated two-piece snowsuit and jacket sets for toddlers. These snowsuits are very cute and the attention to detail goes beyond the outer appearance: the jackets are fitted and has a soft plush hood liner and fitted wrist cuffs, while the  snow pants have a zip front and adjustable shoulder straps.

Tips for Getting Your Child Ready to Play in the Snow:

  • Have them try to use the potty before getting ready.
  • Dress them in layers, with a moisture wicking layer of clothing next to their skin (For snug, non-cotton warmth we recommend Hocosa of Switzerland brand).
  • Put a complete under layer on including socks before the snowsuit with boots and mittens going on last.
  • Consider getting a pair of mitten suspenders so your child doesn't have to dig in the show to retrieve fallen mittens.
  • Put a stool or chair just inside the door and explain to your child that this is where they can sit down right when they come in so that they can get their snow gear off easily.
  • Have your child help you hang the snow gear to dry so that it will be ready to use the next time they want to play in the snow.

Snowsuits and snow gear for toddlers so you can get out side to play this winter

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