Best Snow Boots for Toddlers

There is something magical about the first time your child sees snow! Watching the wonder on my own children's faces the first time they really notice snow has always been a joy. With that joy comes the anticipation of letting them romp and play in the snow. Of course if your child will be playing in snow they'll need the right clothing for snow, and that starts with good snow boots, because nothing ruins snow play like being cold and wet. This is our selection of the best winter boots for toddlers.

Want to decide quickly? A great all-around snow boot for toddlers is the Kamik Snowbug4 – easy to get on and off, light and keeps feet warm and dry.

Read on for more detailed reviews.

Snow Boots for Toddlers - play outside this winter

I didn't grow up in a snowy climate so I had a pretty big learning curve raising my kids in one. One of my first learning opportunities was figuring out that buying snow boots for my toddlers required more consideration than I anticipated.

There are a lot of different snow boots out there and finding the right one for each of your kids can be a bit tricky…not only do you need to find a good fit, but you have to consider whether you need boots for a new walker, boots that are easy to put on for a child who wants to be independent, or boots that are hard to take off for a child who is apt to end up bare foot in the snow (yes I've had one of those 🙂 ).

I've compiled a list of snow boots for toddlers in the hopes of making your own journey to finding the “right” boots a little bit easier. This post contains Amazon affiliate links. Also, if you're looking for winter boots for big kids, we've got you covered with favorite choices right here.

Snow Boots for New Walkers

It's tough to find boots for a child who is still mastering all the skills of walking. Maneuvering in the snow is tricky enough and boots can make it even more challenging, not only are they often heavy but they can leave new walkers feeling unsure of their steps because they can't feel the ground beneath their feet. I wish that I had known about these boots for new walkers when my kids were at this stage.

Stonz Booties

Stonz Booties are designed to be put on over whatever your child is most comfortable walking in: bare feet, socks, or shoes. They are cold and wind resistant and work well with a toddler who has just started walking because they can be put on over whatever footwear your child is used to and with the two toggles they stay on little feet.

Molehill Mild to Cold Weather Booties

Similar to the Stonz Booties, these are also designed with 3 seasons in mind and can be worn over bare feet, however, according to reviews they are not quite as roomy for wearing over shoes. The top of these boots are secured with a Velcro strap rather than a second cord which can either be a benefit or a draw back depending on your needs.

Best Snow Boots for Independence

If you have a toddler who is really wanting “to do myself” or you have a new baby and a toddler you're trying to get out the door with, then winter boots that are easy to get on and off may be a top priority. Boots with a tongue that sits on the outside are easy to put on and even fasten independently. I find that a high fastening straps allow boots to open up wide enough to make it possible for young child to get their foot into the boot independently.


Kamik Snowbug4

The Kamik Snowbug4 snow boot shave an adjustable strap over a tongue that closes on the outside making these easier for toddlers to get on by themselves. The boots have a cozy, fuzzy lining (non-removable) and a variety of cute prints for the outside like bunnies, trucks and flowers. These boots open wide making them easy to get on and off and they are light and flexible. The tongue is connected to the boot which helps keep snow out and the elastic across the ankle helps you tighten the boot onto little legs.

Stonz Scout

Another pick from Stonz, these toddler boots are made to be easy to put on and take off and come in a variety of colors and sizes as small as 5T (so, good for bigger toddler tootsies). They have a super lightweight material for the sole to keep feet dry without dragging on toddler legs.

Side Closing Boots can Also Encourage Independence


Khombu Magic Moon Boot

These side closing boots also come in sizes as small as 5T and according to reviews are nice and roomy inside, perfect for a toddler with wide or thick feet.

UBFENmakes a variety of toddler boots with convenient side closures. We like this style which has adjustable straps to customize the fit. These waterproof boots have a cozy fleece inner and a non-skid sole.

Snow Boots That Stay On

Finding boots that will stay on during snow play can be tough. Two of my kids seem to run in to this issue a lot, so finding boots that would stay on became my main focus. A lower strap across the ankle can really help boots stay on. Laces are also good for keeping boots from slipping off, however, I avoid traditional lace up styles that tie at the top for two reasons, the first being that boots which have come untied are impossible to retie without bare hands, and while you can double knot to avoid this problem you may create another- trying to undo those same knots for a child who suddenly, desperately, needs to use the potty.

These boots from Northside have an easy to tighten cord at the top to and a vecro strap at the ankle making it a great compromise between a boot that will stay on and a boot that allows for independence. These boots over-all have thousands of positive reviews, with 4.5 stars on Amazon; however there are some negatives – the sole seems to have a fabric composite that can become thready/fuzzy when it gets too much exposure to rough terrain. The consensus is: for an inexpensive boot these are great. Probably a good pick if you're not out in the snow every day with your toddler.

Kamik Snoday

I have a pair of Kamik Snoday boots for my toddler in our entry way right now. The ankle strap keeps them on the foot, and the cord at the top keeps snow from falling into the boot. The water proof toe and sides on these boots makes them great for wet slushy snow.

Sorel Kids Yoot

The cinching lace on these adorable toddler winter boots will allow for a conforming fit that holds during play, and yet avoids the problem of tying laces on the boots. The boots get great reviews from parents for being both waterproof and warm.

Once you find the right winter boots these tips may be helpful to enjoy snow play:

  • Be sure to have some tall warm socks on hand to wear with the boots.
  • Help your toddler practice getting their foot in and then standing to make the sure their foot is all the way down on the boot before fastening.
  • Set up a chair or stool by the door and remind your child that when they come in they can sit right down to start taking their boots off.

And once they get down the process of putting on their very own super-cool snow boots? Be prepared to take your child to grocery store clomping along in those boots on clear sunny days when there is absolutely no need to wear boots. 😉

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