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Best Gifts for Dads Who Want Nothing and Have Everything

Need a gift for dad who wants nothing because he’s sure he has everything he needs? I hear you! Some dads are hard to shop for!

Have no fear. We’re well experienced at finding gifts for Father’s Day or Christmas for a dad who wants nothing. It doesn’t feel good to give nothing, so we’ll help you find a unique and practical gift for him.

My kid’s dad is one of these guys who can be hard to shop for, so I asked him what gifts he’s enjoyed most. He helped me brainstorm to make this idea list of the best gifts for a dad who has everything and wants nothing.

Experience Gifts for the Win

Top on his list are any gifts that help create an experience with the kids. As a dad, he loves presents that encourage play, fun family adventures, or games together. His other favorite gifts are the ones that are functional, make-life-easier type gifts. Together, we came up with what we think are some of the best gifts for dads who have everything. This post includes affiliate links.

Experience Based Gifts for Dad

These presents are based on making memories. They are either experiences for dad (such as shows or things to do together) or gifts that help make an experience with the family fun and memorable.

Great Gift for Dad who has Everything!

Gifts for getting outside – camping, hiking, or picnics


  • Titanium Spork – The usefulness of a pocketknife, the comfort of real flatware. Probably what James Bond would use while camping. Only his would have the option to explode.
  • Flask for having a wee nip by the fire
  • Luxury Camp Chair – who doesn’t want to sit by a fire and put their feet up?

More Gifts for Getting Outdoors Together 

  • Bike Trailer – our bike trailer gave us so much joy as it gave us the possibility to get out on our bikes as a family when our youngest child couldn’t yet keep up on her bike.
  • Durable Picnic Blanket – this picnic blanket from JJ Cole has lasted for years and many, many outings in our family, and it has a super durable, thick backing. It folds up and has an easy-to-carry strap. This is what we bring to music in the park during the summer. Pair it with some stainless steel pint glasses and a little carryable cooler, and you’re all set.
  • Travel hammock – for setting up the prime relaxation and snuggle spot wherever you go.

Projects To Do Together

Look for a kit or a book gift that will help him to make memories with the kids.

  • Geek Dad – DIY project guide for tech-savvy dads and their kids
  • Maker Dad – Instructions for making awesome gadgets and crafts like a drawing robot or kite video camera.
  • Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction – our kids love making these things with their dad. Your office supplies will never be safe again though.

List of 10 things they love to do with Papa – this is a sweet handmade gift to give from a child to their dad. You can let your child dictate the list to you if needed, then they can decorate the paper, and perhaps include a family photo.

Tickets to a show – Many movie theaters offer gift certificates. You could also look into upcoming bands, plays, comedians or other shows coming up in your town and grab tickets for a present. One of our boys’ (and their dad’s) favorite memory-making experiences this year was going to the Mythbusters live show.

Tour of a local Winery or Brewery

Practical Gifts to Give the Dad Who Wants Nothing
(Many of these gifts would make good stocking stuffers for dads, too)

Cool and useful gifts for dads who have everything!

Messenger bag – We love the Timbuk2 bag because of its versatility and durability. A fun way to personalize this gift and make it unique is to have the flap embroidered with initials – a local embroidery shop can do this.

Write-in-the-shower Notepad — This is awesome! We seriously have re-ordered these waterproof notebooks multiple times because we love them so much. You can actually write down notes in the shower and capture those brilliant ideas and pressing to-dos that always float to the surface while the warm water pours down. You might pair it with a Fog Free Shave Mirror (AKA – the best stocking stuffer of last Christmas).blender-bottle-gift-for-dad

Mixer for shakes/energy drinks or a shake bottle – This is a practical gift for dads who like to have an energy drink or shake after a workout, making the mixing easier and getting the clumps out.

Pens and Moleskin Notebooks – These useful little booklets can be decorated by the kids if you get the ones that have a tan-colored cover. Include a pack of favorite pens for a useful gift.

Yeti Travel Mug – super durable, fits in a car cup holder, keeps drinks insulated for ages. In our family, my favorite travel mug is one like the Yeti (but made by Canyon Coolers which is a company that’s based in my town!). My husband likes his 14oz tumbler made by Thermos. You may also find less expensive versions such as this one by RTIC, online or at stores like Walmart or Target.

Zip Ties & Duct Tape – always useful, always cool.

Subscription to Dollar Shave ClubAfter joining this subscription service over two years ago, we still really love it because of the convenience, the always sharp razor, and the other useful add-ins he can occasionally try, like a new shaving lotion.

Gifts for Active Dads

Ideas - gift for dad who has everything

Folding Bike Lock – can fit in a briefcase, backpack, or the accessory pocket of Carhartt pants.

Fitness tracker such as the popular FitBit Blaze which works not only as a watch and step counter, but also tracks heart rate, sleep and can connect to GPS to map routes for running or biking.

Hiking or National Parks Guide for your local area.

travel-bugGeocaching App (works on your smartphone) and then combine that with a TravelBug and perhaps Geocaching containers. These gifts get the whole family outdoors hiking around.

Waterbottle – CamelBak Hydration Systems or Hydroflask Stainless bottles are popular.

Darn Tough Socks – Socks? Yes. These are not just any socks. These socks have an unconditional lifetime guarantee, not to mention they’re darn comfortable, and as these are gift ideas for a dad who has everything, we’re trying to think of really useful items. For someone who loves hiking or biking, having a great pair of socks makes a difference!

Mixed pack of sports drinks – head to the store and make a variety pack of sports drinks – he may find a new favorite.

Gear for whatever sport the family likes – whether it’s basketball or disc golf. Is there something dad would like that would increase his enjoyment of the sport?

Food and Drink Gifts for Dads:


Beer brewing kit – This is a great way to get started with homebrewing. Another fun addition for craft beer lovers, if you’ve got the space, is a Kegerator, so you can buy a keg from your favorite local brewery and enjoy it on tap at home.

Gary West Beef Jerky – this is my husband’s favorite because he grew up near where it’s made; it’s still delicious and now ships all over.

Kitchen Knife Set – It probably goes back to the boy scouts or family camping trips – many guys have a love of cutlery. If you walk through Bed, Bath, & Beyond or Target, you’ll see unlimited options for knife block sets and it can get overwhelming. Let’s narrow it down to make it easy. If you’re foodies or appreciate gourmet cooking, then check out the premium Japanese-made Shun Knife Sets. The super cool thing is that Japanese knives are sharper than most American or European blades. Here’s why: Japanese blades are sharpened at a 15º angle while the American and European blades are normally 20º.

A more economical option is this Chicago Cutlery 15-piece set and it comes with a very sturdy block to hold the knives. Interested in creating your own knife set? This guide to kitchen knife sets will help you create the perfect set for the dad in your life. If you have a set already, it’s always good to have an electric sharpener handy to keep the knives in tip-top shape–here is my favorite, the Chef’s Choice M120.


Cheese making kit – This beginner kit contains instructions and all the ingredients (except the milk) to make: Mozzarella, Chevre, Goat Cheese, Queso Blanco, Queso Fresco, Marscapone and Ricotta. And it has enough of those ingredients to turn 20 Gallons of milk (goat, cow or sheep’s milk) into cheese!

Vita mix blender – This multi-purpose kitchen tool is super powerful and good for a lot more than smoothies. It can be used for making soups, flours, nutbutters and ice cream. My brother mentioned this as a gift for dads who have everything because he got one a few years ago for Christmas. He says this is why he loves it: “It’s easy to use, easy to clean and doesn’t get clogged (because it’s just a straight shot down to the blade).”

pocorn-popperStovetop Popcorn Popper – We absolutely love our stainless popcorn popper. We don’t usually go for ‘single-use’ kitchen gear, but this is a worthwhile exception. We never buy microwave popcorn anymore, and our family has enjoyed so many fun movie nights with homemade delicious popcorn – the kids like using it, and both parents like using it. The kids especially love it when Papa makes kettle corn as a treat.

Gas/charcoal grill – It might be cliche to mention a grill..and a dad who has everything probably has one of these, but I had to mention it because years ago, we got a combination gas/charcoal grill because I wanted the ease of grilling without the charcoal, while my husband likes making a wood fire, and this has been a great gift in our family – we both have gotten a ton of use out of it. There are also smoker/grill combos that could make a good gift.

Good luck on your mission to find just the right present! We hope this list helps you think of a unique gift for the dad who has everything in your life!

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