Bathtub Toys so Toddlers LOVE Bathtime – Best Bath Toys for Toddlers

How can you get your toddler excited about taking a bath? Try making bath time irresistible. These bathtub toys for toddlers are our picks to make toddlers love baths.

Quick View of our Top Picks of Bath Toys:

The best bathtub toys for toddlers are simple – sparking imagination and experimentation with water. Toddlers love to scoop and pour and watch what water does as it flows through containers.

They also love finding out what floats and what sinks – making boats and bowls a lot of fun. Other popular bath toys make bath time more enjoyable by making the tub comfortable for little occupants.

You can find more ideas for making bath time comfortable in our post on helping toddlers who are scared of the bath.

The following bath toys are recommended by parents as the most fun and well-loved bath toys for toddlers. This post contains Amazon affiliate links to bath toys and bath accessories.

Make bathtime a blast with the best bath toys for toddlers

Best Bath Toys for Toddlers:

Skip Hop Moby Bath Spout Cover

skip hop moby bath spout cover

The beginning of making bath time fun is to make sure it feels safe and comfortable first. Many of us can remember the OUCH that comes from bumping into the bath spout. This cute Bath Spout Cover makes the spout softer and less likely to cause a bruise or scratch.

Colorful Plastic Mixing Bowls and Colander Set

colorful plastic mixing bowls and colander set

The longest-lasting and best bath toys in our house have been a simple set of plastic mixing bowls, measuring cups, and a colander. The kids love to float other toys or dolls in the bigger bowls, watch water pour through the colander, and use the measuring cups to scoop and pour.

Nuby Floating Purple Octopus with 3 Hoopla Rings Interactive Bath Toy

This floating octopus bath toy comes with three rings that fit on the Octopus' arms. It's a bestseller this year because it's inexpensive and a simple toy to float in the tub. Note – it is not very large. Reviewers state that it can fit in the palm of your hand. The rings are not really big enough to toss onto the Octopus, but work for toddlers who are enjoying practicing the dexterity needed to get them onto the arms. Some reviews were disappointed that there are only six arms on this “octo”pus, but people are happy that the toy has no holes – so no place for mold to build up.

Rainbow Shower with Fishing Game

This set of toys includes a pump shower, a marble run with gears that you can stick onto the sidewall of the tub, a wind up toy and squirting toy AND a fishing game. With all of these you can easily keep toddlers entertained in the bath. Reviewers are happy with the quality of the set and when you price out the individual items, you can see this set comes out to a very good value. And we think it's super cute!

Boon Building Bath Pipes Toy Set

boon building bath pipes toy set

These pipes stick to the wall making a fun pouring station that kids can rearrange and experiment with to see how water pours depending on how they position the pipes. These toys can be used either separately or together and come with five pipes and were made without BPA or PVC. They easily rinse with soap and clean water and can be air-dried to avoid mildew growth.

Spin N Sort Spout Pro – Three Stackable Cups, Automated Spout, and Spinning Suction Cup Gears

spin n sort spout pro

What’s awesome about this bath toy is all of the experimentation the pieces allow for. Toddlers can explore cause and effect with the gears, cups and pour spout. There is a battery operated bath spout that you can attach to the tub. It then draws water in without wasting a drop. The cups are brightly colored and allow for different water effects including spraying, straining, and floating.

Munchkin Wind Up Swimming Penguin Bath Toy

munchkin wind up swimming penguin bath toy

Some of the best bath toys are simple like this wind-up swimming toy. It’s a classic bathtub toy, and the penguin is adorable. It has been constructed to be extremely lightweight, so it is easy for your little one to pick up and play with. This kind of toy encourages imaginative play while in the tub and helps develop hand-eye coordination.

Skip Hop Zoo Bath Pull and Go Submarine

skip hop zoo bath pull and go submarine

Similar to the fun of a wind-up toy, this toy moves on its own because it has a pull cord that makes the propeller spin pushing the sub through the water. It encourages and develops a child's motor skills. To top it off, this toy is phthalate-free and helps teach both sinking and floating.

Green Toys Ferry Boat with Mini Cars Bathtub Toy

green toys ferry boat with mini cars bathtub toy

Are you looking for a bath toy with long-lasting playability? This ferry is fun for toddlers, (hey, it’s a boat, can’t go wrong there) and will still have pretend play value as your toddler turns into a preschooler because of the interesting roll-on feature for the cars.

Boon Jellies Suction Cup Bath Toys

boon jellies suction cup bath toys

These funny bathtub toys for toddlers come in a school of 9 Jellyfish that stick and stack with suction cups. They can be stuck onto the tub walls and each other with a satisfying pop. They were made without BPA and provide your toddler with lots of bathtime fun. They can stack, link and your child can learn how to build different shapes and structures using these bath toys.

Munchkin Float and Play Bubbles Bath Toy

munchkin float and play bubbles bath toy

These bath toy balls have rattly, interesting moving pieces inside. They may be a good choice for younger toddlers and babies who like shaking them and seeing what happens when they drop them into the tub. A few reviewers mentioned they like that these stay mold-free because of not having any place for mold to hide. You can also get this set with a bath scoop for convenient storage.

ALEX Toys Rub a Dub Star Crayon

alex toys rub a dub star crayon

Keep all the bath crayons together in this one simple star-shaped crayon. Colors are bright and easily wash off of smooth surfaces. Reviewers mention they are little harder to remove from grout, but using a magic eraser can help. Though the star crayon is not refillable, the crayons do last a long time. If you prefer crayons with more natural ingredients, you may consider the Bath Crayons by Honey Sticks – which feature 7 colors and come in a cute tin.

Crayola Bathtub Fingerpaint Variety Packcrayola bathtub fingerpaint variety pack

One of our family’s favorite bath toys when the kids were toddlers was fingerpaint. This collection of bathtub fingerpaints by Crayola is listed as one of the top-selling bath toys in 2019. The tub makes an ideal place for messy finger painting, and the colors wash down the drain. This set comes with blue, green, red, pink, and purple paints. The paint cleans off surfaces easily with soap and water; just make sure to use it on nonporous surfaces. It is the perfect bathtime toy for toddlers who want to stretch those creative muscles. We have more creative bath time play ideas listed here.

Nuby 16-Piece Floating Foam Bath Animals

nuby 16 piece floating foam bath animals

This set comes with eight different animals including an octopus, shark, turtle, fish, crab, seahorse, whale, and starfish. They are made from a soft foam that can float in the water. When wet, they will also stick to the walls of the bathtub to make bath time that much more fun.

Alex Bath People Block Squirters

alex bath people block squirters

This fun bath set from Alex Toys has what your little one needs to have a great time in the tub. These toys float, stack, and squirt water and are made from a soft plastic material and are molded into fun shapes. Each set comes with four squirting toys including a firefighter, police officer, doctor, and carpenter. They are ideal for those children ages 6 months and up.

And finally – to scoop up all those toys, you need a bath “scoop and store.”

munchkin scoop drain and store bath toy organizer

This one from Munchkin does the job handily, allowing you to scoop toys from the bathtub, rinse and drain the toys and then hang them up on the included bracket (the bracket attaches with adhesive strips).


The Importance of a Bathtime Routine for Your Toddler

Bathtime should be a fun experience for your little ones while providing them with a learning space in which they can play and discover new things. From making waves in the bathwater to learning how different toys can float, there is always something you can teach your toddler at bathtime.

It can also allow for multisensory exploration. Water is the best medium to use when you want to teach them about their different senses. By playing in the tub, the child can experience the temperature of the water, they can hear themselves splashing around, see the color of the water, learn how things float, and they can identify different smells.

The bath paints we have included in our list above is another way you can introduce colors and learning into bathtime. You can show them how the paint can change the way the water looks!

Also, bathtime helps with fine motor skills. Using the Spin and Sort toy above, you can teach them different fundamental skills including hand-eye coordination and even cause and effect. Scooping and pouring water is a great activity, as well as they experiment with the water.

Bathtime also encourages art and creativity. The Star Crayon is the perfect toy to let them create their own masterful artwork in the bathtub. Good news for parents? It is so easy to clean, so all you need to do is sit back and enjoy how much fun your toddler has creating their own works of art to show you.

Have fun at bath time! If you need more bath activity ideas, we have some creative ways to make bathtime fun that include a themed bathtime and more. And here are a few more fun bathtime ideas from My Life and Kids.

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