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Ban Busy Journal Prompts

Fill Your Cup is a journal prompt series that encourages moms to take care of themselves by taking a short amount of time to journal during the week.  The questions are meant to help you take a look inside and be intentional about your week to come.  Respond to whichever speaks to you by writing, painting or drawing.

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Journal prompts for Banning Busy in Your Life

Todays' prompts are brought to us by Shawn Fink of The Abundant Mama Project.  I LOVE her message through Abundant Mama – she wants us to know we ARE enough.  Right now she is launching a beautiful free challenge with support for living a more relaxed life – it's the #BanBusy challenge, and you can sign up right here:

The Ban Busy Challenge

Shawn is a mom to twin herself, and no stranger to the busyness that can invade our lives as parents.  Here are some journal prompts she's created to help you think about where you can reclaim your down time and ban busy.

Ban Busy Journal Prompts – By Shawn Fink

  • When we think about not being so busy, we often think about doing less activities but having a lot of stuff can also really contribute to that feeling of overwhelm and busy. How is clutter affecting your ability to slow down?
  • Journal about a time when you intentionally slowed down with your child and didn’t rush. How did that moment feel for you? How do you think that moment felt for your child?
  • Make a To-Not-Do List. Write down all the things you just will not do today that seem to bring about negative energy to your day.
  • If you had two hours to spend either by yourself or as a family how would you prefer to spend that time?