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ABC About Your Day Game – Reconnect After School

When I pick up my son after school, I want to hear all the details of his day – what is he learning? Who is he friends with? How's it going? Does he like his teacher, the kids and the classroom?

As you can guess – a barrage of questions like that can be a *bit* overwhelming.

A Game to Help you reconnect after school

He's been immersed in an environment with a ton of stimulation all day; he wants to reconnect with me too, but firing off a list of questions will simply shut him down or get me one word answers.

So we came up with the ABC About Your Day Game:
This works particulalry well when we've got all three kids in the car and I want to avoid sibling arguments.

Here's how you play:

ABC About Your Day

The game is simple:  Can we think of something we did today starting with each letter of the alphabet?  Everyone participates.

A – I Asked a question.
B – I Bought groceries!
C – “This can be c or ch..anyone…? ”

     Oh! Chat! I chatted with Abby

– and there's your invitation  to talk more without being overwhelming-
“Oh, is Abby your friend? What do you like to chat about?”

In this game everyone offers little details of their day and detours into talking about the events of the day are welcome. We also welcome multiple answers for a letter, and sometimes joke about bonus point when someone comes up with an alliterative answer like I Sang Six Silly Songs!

Your turn now, Starting with an A, What did you do today? 😉

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ABC About Your Day - Reconnect After School